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FOREVER BOGUS Brings the Party with the Release of their Limited Edition BOGUS BRAT PACKS Overflowing with Radical VHS and 90s Nostalgia!! Available April 8th!! Click for Details!!

Here’s a little something that just might make you flip your VHS-lovin’ lid, Tapeheads! Those totally bodacious dudes from the Forever Bogus crew are back at it again with a supremely radical package that’s VHSure to appease all of your 90s nostalgia needs! Available starting tomorrow April 8th, only on their official webstore, the Forever Bogus dudes will unleash their super-stacked BOGUS BRAT PACKS! Yes, indeedy, Videovores, these brand-spankin’ new limited edition collections are truly packed to brim with groovy goodies including the all-new Super Secret Bogus VHS Mixtape Vol. 2, toys, trading cards, soda, candy, MORE VHS tapes and… WHAT?! Even more stuff, man! Yeah! This is gonna rule. Here’s a look at a sample BBP below, with a full rundown of all the goodies to be included…


An example of what your BOGUS BRAT PACK is gonna look like! Dude, seriously. RADICAL OVERLOAD.

These Limited Edition Forever Bogus BOGUS BRAT PACKS will include the following: 1 Super Secret Bogus Mixtape Vol. 2 2 Classic VHS tapes 2 Buttons 2 Packs of Trading Cards 3 90s Toys 4 POG Magnetics 1 Novel 1 Bogus Koozie 1 Tallboy Can of SURGE Loads of cool candy AND MORE! All of this for just under 30 bones. Now that’s a deal, dude. So what’s this Super Secret Bogus Mixtape all about, you ask? We’re glad you did. Here’s a little more info on this super-rad slab of magnetic magic…


The tri-color tape stock for the Super Secret Bogus Mixtape Vol. 2! The COLORS, DUKE! THE COLORS!

Each tape is multi-colored (created with 3 different colors of tape stock!) and contains 3+ hours of nostalgic TV shows, commercials, movie clips, music videos and tons more. The Super Secret Bogus Mixtape Vol. 2 is limited to 25 copies only – 15 copies for the BOGUS BRAT PACKS and 10 copies sold separately (which comes with an extra gift!). And as if that wasn’t enough analog-inclined awesome already, A Totally Bogus Halloween Mixtape Vol. 1 and the Super Secret Bogus Mixtape Vol. 1 will return in limited numbers at 25% off! WHAT A DEAL, DUDE!! These totally bitchin’ BOGUS BRAT PACKS are limited to just 15 Packs, Tapeheads, and dang, that’s not many, dude, so be sure to groove on over tomorrow FRIDAY, APRIL 8th to VHSecure your own BRAT PACK! This thing is like an instant party, man. Too groovy. These will RULE.

Groove and Groove and I’MmMM COLLDD.

Josh Schafer

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