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If you grew up skating (or even just appreciating) in the 90s, then you probably have an affinity for the guerilla-style, direct-to-VHS skate videos that dominated that particularly prolific era. This distinct filmmaking aesthetic, replete with low angle camera shots and fish eye lenses, sonically-fueled by indie hip-hop, punk and alt-jazz soundtracks, ooze with a certain inimitable style and nostalgia. Fortunately for us, South Florida skater and filmmaker Dylan Hughes has been hitting the VHStreets, armed with vintage VHS-C JVC GR-AX400 camcorder equipped with a Baby Death Fisheye Lens to recapture the feeling of those analog glory days. A VHStill...

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Some radical rewind-inclined news has recently hit the street from Ed Templeton and his staple skateboarding outfit Toy Machine with something that’ll make that fakie boardslide a little smoother while simultaneously helping you celebrate your favorite format: a fresh slab of VHS-shaped curb wax, man! Available now through Toy Machine’s official distributor Tum Yeto for just under 6 bones, this most excellent homage to home video offers some bitchin’ detail as it boasts fully carved tape windows with different length reels on each side and even an etched out top flap. It also comes with a full-color face sticker and...

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