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Ed Templeton and Toy Machine Offer Up Some Radical VHS Shaped Curb Wax in a WELCOME TO HELL Replica Slipcase!

Some radical rewind-inclined news has recently hit the street from Ed Templeton and his staple skateboarding outfit Toy Machine with something that’ll make that fakie boardslide a little smoother while simultaneously helping you celebrate your favorite format: a fresh slab of VHS-shaped curb wax, man! Available now through Toy Machine’s official distributor Tum Yeto for just under 6 bones, this most excellent homage to home video offers some bitchin’ detail as it boasts fully carved tape windows with different length reels on each side and even an etched out top flap. It also comes with a full-color face sticker and has the TM machine perfectly dug into the side of the rewind wax. Perhaps the best of all, Tapeheads? It’s housed in a replica slipcase of the iconic Toy Machine skate vid Welcome to Hell. Too radical, dude.


The full VHS wax package from Toy Machine. Ebay? Gotta love TM, man. LOL.

It’s so fun to see Templeton and TM showing a little love for the almighty analog by creating a killer product with an obvious nostalgic nod and so much attention to detail. For all the VHSkaters out there, this one is a must, man. Many thanks to @vhs_life_ on Instagram for the heads up on this!

Groove and Groove and You Can't Land 'Em All, Man!

Josh Schafer

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