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Heads up, my fellow Videovores! Legendary New York-based underground filmmaker Lisa Hammer (director of Pox, The Sister Plotz, and cult favorite Puss Bucket, as well as the voice of Triana Orpheus on the animated series The Venture Bros.) is currently battling cancer. In order to help raise funds for her treatment, the rewind-inclined analog enthusiasts at Saturn's Core Audio & Video and us here in Lunchmeat Land have teamed up to unleash a most radical, limited edition collection on VHS featuring Lisa's award-winning short films from the late 80's and early 90's! This hour-long collection will include (The Elaborate) Empire...

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The Teenage Videovore Johnny Dickie is likely to have already invaded your VCR with his 2012 VHS-centric, low-budget trashterpiece Slaughter Tales, and now, thanks to the rewind-inclined crew at Australia-based indie film distro New Wave Independent Pictures, Dickie’s punk rock, gore-soaked neon nightmare City of the Dream Demons is ready to unleash a flood of sludge, slime, gore and grime all over a VCR near you! We were able to catch up with NWIP main brain John Klyza and extract all the drippy details about their release of CotDD, which is now available on DVD (if you’re into that sort...

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Calder Greenwood is on a mission. When he’s not copping cardboard from wherever he can to create interactive art installations or crazy-cool movie props, he’s endeavoring to be a one-man force not averse to enlisting help from whoever is willing, out to create the films he insists should exist. Calder has forged ahead with that distinct indie gusto, tossing aside those hard and fast rules of Hollywood and created his first two short films L.A. Ninja and Hologram Cop with the express intention of emulating that authentic video era essence. He wants you to feel as if these were films...

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Here’s some radical rewind news from the video vindicators at LO-FI VIDEO, Tapeheads! If you missed out on the Limited Edition VHS (produced by and released in association with Magnetic Magic Rentals) of the neo-cult classic post-apocalyptic romp Turbo Kid given as a reward connected to the late Turbo Kid IndieGoGo campaign, you’re in luck, man! It looks like LO-FI VIDEO will be producing another official Limited Edition run of Turbo Kid on the most magic of all analog formats! Here’s the initial announcement from LFV! The Limited Edition VHS from the IndieGoGo Campaign, produced by Magnetic Magic Rentals. Dig...

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