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LO-FI VIDEO to Bring TURBO KID Back To VHS with Official Limited Edition Run! Initial Details and Pre-Order Info!

Here’s some radical rewind news from the video vindicators at LO-FI VIDEO, Tapeheads! If you missed out on the Limited Edition VHS (produced by and released in association with Magnetic Magic Rentals) of the neo-cult classic post-apocalyptic romp Turbo Kid given as a reward connected to the late Turbo Kid IndieGoGo campaign, you’re in luck, man! It looks like LO-FI VIDEO will be producing another official Limited Edition run of Turbo Kid on the most magic of all analog formats! Here’s the initial announcement from LFV!


The Limited Edition VHS from the IndieGoGo Campaign, produced by Magnetic Magic Rentals. Dig those windows, dude.

FROM LO-FI VIDEO: “For those of you that weren't able to catch a VHS copy during the Indie go-go campaign, we are pleased to announce we are doing the official VHS release for TURBO KID: the post-apocalypse film set in 1997 about a boy and his bike. This MAD MAX style gory thrill ride will be in a clamshell case (possibly a big box, as well) featuring some extras including the T is for TURBO short film! More details will come soon. Pre-orders go up tomorrow!


The initial graphic released by LO-FI VIDEO for the Limited Edition VHS. BRINGGG ITTTT ONNNN.

And tomorrow… is today, Tapeheads! Yeah, like, right now! The pre-order should be poppin’ up any analog moment now, so be sure to groove on over to the Official LFV Store and reserve your copy once it’s ready. LFV hasn’t posted any product pictures just yet, but I’m hoping for the big box treatment for VHSure. They did a killer job with the Linnea Quigley’s Horror Workout re-issue, so we’re hoping for some slabs in the same video vein!

Groove and Groove and Robots Are Our Friends.

Josh Schafer

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