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Any voracious Videovore will be quick to recognize the fact that VHS is one durable format. If taken care of properly, tapes can last upwards of 30 years (this proven by tapes from the early 80s that are still kickin’). And when juxtaposed with CDs, DVD, and digital media, its longevity and stability rank only with the other physical media greats: vinyl records and the printed word. So in order to reciprocate that long life span, it’s good practice to keep your playback machine in top form. This would be the idea behind the creation and distribution of VCR cleaning...

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Let’s face it . . . most of us collect old horror flicks on VHS because the cover art kicks major ass. The movies themselves are, for the most part, pretty terrible & very much a product of their time. But looking at VHS box art is like time travel – we instantly remember the time & place on the shelf where we first laid eyes on them. The tag lines, the dripping fonts, the gore that graces the front & back of each box – all of these elements (unfortunately overlooked as strategies to entice the viewer in today’s...

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