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VHS Wasteland Creates Incredible Fantasy VHS Cover Mash-Ups Combining Elements of Horror, Cartoons and Modern Movies! PLUS! Tons of Hi-Res Scans of Vintage VHS and Beyond!

One of the more popular pastimes of the modern Videovore has become the act of cruising the many avenues of the rewind-inclined web in order to soak in some never-before-seen, eye-catching VHS cover art. While there are plenty of amazing, strange and sometimes downright spectacular video covers to be seen VHStreaming by on video-centric Facebook groups such as Horror VHS Collectors Unite! and VHS Misfits (and there’s always the hi-res, watermarked offerings of one of the most incredible collections of obscure, diverse and fully downloadable VHS cover scans reside over at a site aptly entitled VHS Wasteland. Not familiar? Let’s remedy that, Tapeheads! Here’s a snippet of info taken directly from VHS Wasteland to give an essence of their most excellent analog-inclined mission: “HELLO AND WELCOME TO VHS WASTELAND, YOUR HOME FOR HIGH RESOLUTION SCANS OF RARE, STRANGE, AND FORGOTTEN VHS COVERS. EACH OF THESE BIZARRE GEMS IS SCANNED AT 200 DPI. SIMPLY CLICK ON THE THUMBNAIL OF ANY VHS COVER TO DOWNLOAD THE FULL HIGH RES FORMAT. WE WILL BE ADDING A NEW COVER DAILY, SO BOOKMARK THIS SITE AND CHECK BACK OFTEN. WE'D ALSO LOVE SUBMISSIONS FROM YOU. IF YOU HAVE A VHS THAT IS WEIRD OR RARE, JUST EMAIL US AT MADHATTERDESIGN@GMAIL.COM. REMEMBER TO SCAN THE FRONT, BACK AND SIDES OF THE VHS AT 300 DPI. WE WON'T ACCEPT LOW RESOLUTION FILES.” That’s right, Videovores! In order to expand their already immense collection of home video cover art, VHS Wasteland encourages you to VHSubmit your own cover scans to help keep the site chock full of killer covers for all to enjoy. Dig it. And speaking of enjoyment, man, have we got a terrific visual treat for all you Tapeheads out there today. See, VHS Wasteland is the sister site to both and, which is headed up by graphic designer extraordinaire James Gilks, and perfectly explains VHSW’s spectacular site design. Exercising that ace design, VHS Wasteland recently uploaded an incredible array of fantasy mash-up VHS covers that we just had to bring to your analog-obsessed attention. Not only do they display tremendous talent and imagination, but also confirm that these classic VHS layout formulas still hold up, even when injected with entirely new content. Here are some choice cuts, VHSelected by yours truly:


This is one of the first mash-ups I saw from VHS Wasteland and it blew away. Now only if we could really stick this slab in the VCR! Oh, and I'm a sucker for those budget ALL STAR CARTOONS tapes.


Now you know this bad boy was gonna make the LM list. That 'shop of Keanu's dome on Superman's torso? Perfect.


Here's a radical take on a video store ad slick for a BEETLEJUICE / GHOSTBUSTERS 3 mash-up. That ooze, dude! You can also get a better look at the details on this fantasy tape RIGHT HERE.


That tag line, man. I wanna watch this NOOOOOWWWWW!! JASONATOR design from CAVITY COLORS!


How much does this rule?! I WANNA BE A TAPEHEAD!!


I mean, for real now, it's gonna be hard to beat this one. Without a doubt, my favorite. ERNEST5EVA.

Too radical, right, Tapeheads? And there are plenty more where that came from, man. Just CLICK THIS LINK to view the complete collection of brand-spankin’ new video cover fantasy creations from VHS Wasteland, and HEY! Don’t forget to groove through the rest of the site to see a ton of spectacular home video history, check and see if you can contribute a scan or five, and if you’re able, send VHS Wasteland a little spare change to keep their incredible site flowin’ and goin’ VHStrong. In order to fully preserve every aspect of VHS culture, stunning sites like this need to exist!

Groove and Groove and We Have Such VHSights to Show You.

Josh Schafer

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