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It’s a question that seems to divide the preference of contemporary video collectors: do you dig those stickers you find on former rental VHS? Some Videovores see these often faded and crusty video store stickers as mere inconveniences that take away from the aesthetics of an undisturbed, otherwise pristine slice of home video heaven.   Other Tapeheads, however, see these stickers as an enhancement to the video’s aesthetic while also providing some obscure insight on its origin, ultimately adding a distinct bit of spice to their VHS collection. It’s an interesting question to be sure, and one that certainly deserves...

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Over the past few years (and then some), the advent of online forums and various other video-obsessed internet destinations have increased the ability to grab slabs of magnetic magic without leaving the comfort of your analog-filled abode. And though we here in Lunchmeat Land are perpetual proponents of the will to pull amazing finds from the wooly wild through sheer persistence and patience, it’s undeniable that the expansive VHS selection provided by the internet is pretty amazing, mang. One official analog-dealing entity that has come to the forefront of VHS collecting culture is an online destination called We interviewed...

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