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What it means to be a Videovore!

Throughout the history of language, people have invented words of all types, whether out of necessity, creativity or a curious mixture of both. The word “gimmick” is a great example of this type of invention. There is no trace origin for the word “gimmick”; it purportedly came into use in the early 20th century and has slowly permeated the English language, since creating a precise and most useful word within today’s society. Humans just seem to have a knack for creating new words and making them work for the rest of the species, especially those in a similar social circle, occupation or demographic. These neologisms create a type of vernacular within a set social boundary, and help define and expand their particular culture. So what to do when a seemingly brand new sort of culture arrives? That’s right: create new words to define the instances within the cultural phenomenon! When the Grateful Dead started their brand of a musical cult, and people followed them to the ends of the earth, the term “Dead Head” was born. And when gamers decided they needed to point out someone who was inexperienced and trying to infiltrate their domain, they deemed them “noobs”. But of course, VHS collectors and aficionados are nothing new. Since the birth of home video there have been individuals who are rabid about collecting and watching our favorite slabs of black gold to no end. However, I fail to see a comparison with the modern collector. The voracious nature of the serious contemporary VHS collector is so definitive, I felt there must be a word for this type of personality, and so I created such a word and have been employing it for a few years now. Whether it is within the pages of Lunchmeat, on this site or in my everyday conversations with those within this culture, Videovore is a word I use quite often.

What the definition might look like in a dictionary! Groovy!

So, besides using it frequently in every pertinent (and non-pertinent) avenue of my life, I found another way to try to spread the meaning of the Videovore: – I figured why not, you know? Hell, it’s there, and it can get in front of more people, and help the masses understand our love for the VHS format with a single word; I’m all for it.

The Universal symbol of the Videovore!

So, fellow Videovores, carry on to if you feel so inclined, and give it a thumbs up. Help spread the love of and help the masses to understand what it means to be a Videovore ! Josh Schafer

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