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VULTRA VIDEO offers up analog awesomeness with video releases for DEAD CITY and NECRO FILES!

Jason West and David Royal are two dudes that truly adore the VHS format and the plethora of film culture it tangibly preserves. Inspired and motivated by their keen affection, they’ve started Vultra Video: an independent operation dedicated to celebrating and propagating the love for obscure fringe film and the video format. David and Jason were kind enough to send me their newest release Dead City, and the whole package is just mad groovy. The film is a perfect fit for the VHS format, and all the extras were just mega-bitchin’. They’re an exemplary moving part in the ballooning VHS resurgence, using Vultra releases not only to bring about the circulation of hard-to-find flicks via analog means, but also to create more video-throwback insanity by using the proceeds to fund their own film projects. Now that’s the way to do it, dudes.

LM: How and when did Vultra Video come into being? What was the inspiration to start it up? VV: It all came to be one day after Jason and I got back from voting for Ronald Reagan. We took our 1976 Chevelle down to Hills to grab an Orange Minute Maid soda, when it came to us... “Let's start putting out some VHS tapes to raise awareness and money for our own films!” But for serious... we both live for horror, sci-fi and anything film related... it was really only a matter of time before we got in to distributing and making our own films.

The retro-fied artwork for THE FUMIGATOR. When I die, I want a full-on FUMERAL! Sounds bitchin'!

Could you tell me a little bit about Vultra’s releases thus far? The release of SPINE looked sick! I want one of those! You’ve also done FUMIGATOR and now DEAD CITY. What’s the process like for production? How do you procure the movies to unleash? SPINE was our first release and a good leap into distribution. It kind of helped us gauge how things were going to go for the future releases. DEAD CITY (out now and available here!) is an awesome film by director Matt Jaissle, who also directed the awesome NECRO FILES (also out now - check it out!!). <DEAD CITY> was a perfect release #2 for us. He was a great guy to work with and I have a feeling we will be doing more with him in the future! THE FUMIGATOR was our foray in to shooting a faux trailer. We wanted to shoot it on VHS because of the grittiness and fun nature of the format. We felt that if we did it right, we could make something that is short, bad-ass, funny, and help us get on the map. Our method of selecting films pretty much goes like this: David: “Jason, I like this movie... try to find the director.” Jason: “Ok, I talked to him, we're good.” David: “Groovy.” And BAM: we secure a possible release! Although, sometimes, we just pitch to a director/producer and see what films they would be willing to re-release. We have a plethora of options available to us. It's all a matter of finding the perfect one to release at which time.

VULTRA's kick-ass clamshells for cult trasterpiece SPINE and Matt Jaissle's DEAD CITY. And is that Blood Video making an appearance? Dude, IT IS!

I read that you’re doing “subscriptions”, which is something that seems to be catching in the VHS collector community. What’s your subscription entail? I see some groovy goodies in there! Each one of our releases can be considered a subscription. We try to give our customers a glimpse as to the news with Vultra Video and any future releases we plan to do. We try to do the film, a poster, some stickers, and another little extra treat with each release. You never know what we may do next for extras!

A glimpse at the OG flyer that was distributed for VULTRA VIDEO's release of SPINE. Dig those groovy extras.

You’re in the market to create a full-length feature called GOREgeous, which has one of the most “Dude, I can’t believe nobody’s thought of that!” titles I’ve ever encountered, and it rules! (If you mentioned this in any of the previous questions, we can scrap this part!) Can you tell us a little bit about the film and how the process is going? GOREgeous is going to be our first full-length film as a group. We've had a pretty good number of people already express interest in helping us film it. Whether it be acting, on set help, or make-up. It's pretty amazing to see how many awesome people out there are willing to help us get our film made.

Touche' on that tagline, dudes. You can't argue with THAT!

What is it that attracts you to the SOV style of filmmaking? Shot-on-video screams cheese and fun. Both Jason and I are all about both of those things. Not only that, but there is a nostalgia about the whole thing, too. You young whippersnappers will never get to experience the thrills and smells of walking in to a video rental store.

VULTRA VIDEO keeps it REAL with this excellent piece of analog equipment. BALLIN'.

What are some of your favorite SOV flicks, or just some of your favorite flicks in general? Video Violence, Sledgehammer, Necro Files, the Violent Shit series just to name a few. My two all-time favorites are Evil Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I'm also a big fan of what Chris Seaver puts out with Warlock Home Video! (Jason says while munching on some radical snacks: "I rather enjoy my Street Trash and heavy doses of Ittenbach.")

A totally rad handmade DIY version of THE FUMIGATOR. Who wouldn't want this killer piece of analog glory in their collection? It's just too groovy, mang.

There are some tapeheads out there that are averse to new VHS releases, only wanting the old-school, OG stuff circulating. Being a company that’s releasing “new” VHS, what are your thoughts on that notion? Ya know... that's fine. Everyone is entitled to their own views and opinions. Us two dudes from Syracuse just want to put out good high quality films, as well as our own. We've had some flack from people for putting out VHS tapes. We know we weren't the first, or the last to do it. All we want to do is just provide people with a cool way to own some films they may not have seen. We're always open to comments and criticism! Jason and I are really laid back guys; just message us on Facebook if you want... we won't mind at all! What’s in the future for Vultra Video? Any clues as to some other flicks you’ll dig up for us Videovores to visually devour? We just recently launched our newly renovated website not too long ago and plan to update it with any new pictures, videos, etc., in the future. For now, we plan on shooting a short film called SAWTOOTH MASSACRE for the winter. We haven't told anyone any details about it... but here are some tidbits... it will be a survival horror film about a guy who wakes up in a small town ravaged by a disease. As for future releases, we may or may not have dropped a few hints during this interview about our future releases... MWAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for the interview! LUNCHMEAT ZINE 4 LYFE!

A sneak-peek at some of the insanely cool artwork for SAWTOOTH MASSACRE. Get ready for some analog amazement.

Thank YOU, David and Jason, for being rad dudes and fighting the good fight for our favorite format. Check out Vultra Video and all their analog appreciation celebrations HERE. They're on the book of Face, too, so be sure to give them a yell if you're into that! Thanks to folks like Jason and David, VHS IS NOT A DEAD FORMAT! Josh Schafer

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