Radical VHS Earrings Are Now Available from BOOTLEG VHS!

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Radical VHS Earrings Are Now Available from BOOTLEG VHS!

BOOTLEG VHS is a brand that may already be on your rewind radar as an outfit celebrating the aesthetic of those radically nostalgic and totally influential taped-from-TV and sometimes dubiously dubbed videocassettes containing everything from essential genre flicks to cult favorites and every video adventure in-between. With a keen eye for design and a curation that's sure to please anyone raised in the 80s and 90s, BOOTLEG VHS has created an inspired collection of these blank dub video visions in enamel pin form, complemented by an assortment of other video era influenced apparel, keychains, and stickers (including a rad Lunchmeat collab featuring our Fantasy Blank collection) and even a set of rewind-inclined watches, even though we all know it’s always tape time. That's obvious.



I believe some might say that these are VHSuper cute. We would. We'd say that.



And now, they’ve struck up some analog appreciation to adorn your ears, Tapeheads! Their take on the classic videocassette as a set of hypoallergenic earrings are now available in limited supply on their website, in both 24K gold and sterling silver finishes, presented and delivered on a VHSnazzy backing card. Now your lobes can be totally VHStylin', too, dudes! You know we can dig it.



A closer look at the earrings from BOOTLEG VHS. Who's gonna use this as a nose ring? That would rule.



Be sure to groove on over to BOOTLEG VHS and press play on these, Tapeheads, because they’re apt to be out of stock before you can say PLEASE REWIND ME! And don’t forget to tell’em Lunchmeat sent ya!


Groove and groove and I’M ALL EARS, DUDE.





Josh Schafer

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