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VHS Action flicks get some love in CRIMSON SCREENS

One of our favorite things about making Lunchmeat has been watching the community of VHS fans grow and come together around the magazine and events and social media that we’ve been involved with. We love to see others standing up and expressing their love for the VHS format in whatever way they feel most comfortable. I was particularly excited when Crimson Screens, a DIY film zine published by Edward Black, showed up at LM Headquarters. The issue that we were sent (#7) is titled the action issue. Lunchmeat tries to present a well rounded survey of obscure VHS history; however, it is no secret that we are most often drawn to the forgotten horror, sci-fi and exploitation when it comes to deciding material for our pages and by focusing on OOP action flicks, Crimson Screens #7 acts as a nice compliment to the coverage in LM. The issue opens with an explanation from the author about why he chose to focus on action this issue, reasonably discussing how he has become recently jaded with zero-budget homemade horror flicks. In the introduction he writes:

“I dug deep into the VHS vaults and decided to focus on titles that still haven’t even been released on DVD. Many will say that they remain unreleased because they are inferior product, but that is simply not true. Piles upon piles of classic titles remain, hidden away in the collections of people who always look farther than whatHollywoodsaid was good.”

We at LM could agree more with the sentiments of this statement! Inside the issue you will find micro-reviews of films like White Ghost, Mercenary Fighters, Cage, Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects, The Zero Boys, and Young Warriors, among others. Edward also treats us to two informative bios of two of his favorite action stars: Reb Brown and Michael Dudikoff. You may very well find your new favorite action film in the pages of this zine, and if your primarily a horror guy like myself, be opened up to a new world of films to explore!

I spoke Edward who said that an issue #8 is ready to go as well. If you want a free copy and to be put on the mailing list, hit him up at the email His zine is published once a month and we look forward to seeing more issues in the future.

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