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UNEARTHED FILMS Offers Limited Edition VHS for the Surreal and Experimental Phil Stevens Horror Film FLOWERS!!

Here’s some fresh VHS news from the folks over at Unearthed Films, Tapeheads! The grotesquely surreal and gore-soaked experimental indie horror film FLOWERS from director Phil Stevens has now been unleashed on fresh VHS in a Limited Edition of 50 copies available via the Official Unearthed site. Housed in a large clamshell with full-color artwork, each edition also comes signed and hand-numbered by the director. For the uninitiated, here’s a look at the description, written by Stevens himself: An abstract, surreal horror film centering around six dead women waking up in the crawl space below their killer's house only to discover that they are trapped in their own limbo and purgatory. The house itself contains many rooms revealing hints and clues to their past lives and how they've come to end up where they are. One by one and alone, each girl is forced to accept their fate or remain in place, between the walls of a rotting house. A movie that tells its story in silence. Without any spoken dialog and surrounded in a cryptic and dark visual atmosphere, FLOWERS is a film that builds on the journey and not the destination. And here’s the official trailer: Just by peeking through that small window into the film, it certainly looks to be stunningly beautiful in the most macabre of senses. Here’s a look at the actual VHS edition below…


The Limited Edition VHS for FLOWERS, now ready to roll into your VCR, man.

Though it’s listed as a pre-order on the UF site, it’s been confirmed on February 29th via the FLOWERS Facebook that they are indeed shipping! Clickity-click this link and head the to the store section to grab your slab, Videovores! Once they’re gone, they is VHiStory.

Groove and Groove and We Belong Weird.

Josh Schafer

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