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TURBO KID Limited Edition VHS and Much More Now Available Through Their Current IndieGoGo Campaign! VHS Limited to 50 copies!

The general excitement (and occasional grumbles) over the Canadian-made 80s / 90s throwback sci-fi post-apocalyptic flick Turbo Kid has been bubblin’ all over the internet for quite a while, and now that it’s hit select theaters and oozed into online streaming platforms, fans of the gloriously gory, practical SFX-celebrating, low-budget lovin’ throwback flick have spoken: they want merch! And so it has been done with an IndieGoGo campaign created expressly to bring the fans of Turbo Kid shirts, posters, DVDs, radical action figures (!!) and, yes, a Limited Edition VHS!


A screenshot of the perk. Here's hoping for an upcoming look at the full package / artwork!

Shown as a stickered but otherwise naked tape, the VHS has yet to be given any official artwork, but judging by the overall aesthetics offered by the film thus far, I’m hopeful that it’ll be one bitchin’ analog beast once it’s ready to roll into the VCR. The IndieGoGo Turbo Kid VHS perk does seem a bit VHSteep as it’s listed at $60 (it also comes with a digital download) but it is limited to 50 copies, with only about 30 copies left to be claimed. That’ not very many, man, so you best groove on over to their IndieGoGo and VHSecure yours today as this will presumably be the only way to get a VHS copy of the film. I’m inclined to believe that choosing the analog experience for this flick can only amplify the aesthetics that many fans are most excited about. I just wish they would have named the perk “Become a Turbo Tapehead!” or something like that. That would have ruled.

Groove and Groove and Be the Hero, dude.

Josh Schafer

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