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TRASHMONGER VIDEO Rings in the Christmas VHSpirit with a Limited Edition VHS Release of Their Shot On Video Holiday Special THE TRASHMONGER CHRISTMAS TALENT SHOW EXTRAVAGANZA!

We’ve got another slice of exclusive and exciting holiday-oriented fresh VHS news for you, Tapeheads, and it’s apt to bring your VCR a heaping helping of insano analog warmth and magnetic merriment to help make your holiday VHSeason most excellent, indeed! Those shot-on-video heroes over at Trashmonger Video HQ have assembled a most mind-bending musical holiday tape treat for all the Videovores out there with their newest release THE TRASHMONGER CHRISTMAS TALENT SHOW EXTRAVAGANZA!


The Limited Edition VHS featuring groovy cover art by resident Trashmonger designer, actor and co-founder Ben Kepley. VHSanta Approves, dude.

Yes, my fellow Videovores, this hand-numbered, Limited Edition of 25 offers a mind-meltingly merry assortment of original (and trusty old classic!) Christmas musical numbers led by host Tubby St. Durgess backed by the Trashmonger house band “The Demonator 4” along with a whole mess of special guests as they crack a couple jokes and push their vocal cords to the very limit to help you ring in the most rewind wonderful time of the year while totally warping your gourd!


The VHS, cassette and DVD versions of THE TRASHMONGER CHRISTMAS SHOW EXTRAVAGANZA all lined up and ready to be delivered to your door. Dig it, man.

THE TRASHMONGER CHRISTMAS SHOW EXTRAVAGANZA is completely shot-on-video and features such original tunes as “I Get a Kick (Out of Christmas)” as well as a far out rendition of “Little Drummer Boy” that’s gift-wrapped in a whole roll of weird! Unwrap it a little early, and get a whiff by clickity-clicking THIS HERE HOT LINK!


A still exemplifying the kind of shot-on-video insanity that awaits you on THE TRASHMONGER CHRISTMAS SHOW EXTRAVAGANZA! I mean, c'mon, man. Look at this. Yes.

Each VHS edition of TTCSE comes with the soundtrack on cassette and series of festive buttons all for just 15 bones shipped in the US… and if you’re into DVDs, they’re offering those, too, for the mere “Christmas Miracle” price of just 5 bones! Dang, that’s cheap, dude! So come all ye Tapeheads and shoot a direct message to TRASHMONGER VIDEO on Facebook to grab your slab, but don’t delay, man, because these prices expire on January 1st, 2016! If you want your Christmas to get extra rewind-weird this year, the Trashmonger crew has got you covered, dude. And that’s pretty groovy.

Groove and Groove and Make VHSweet Merry Music.

Josh Schafer

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