ROCK BOTTOM VIDEO Celebrates the Analog Way and Brings Their Bigfoot B-Flick THE BIG F to VHS Accompanied by the Slasher Dave Soundtrack on Audio Cassette! DIG IT!

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ROCK BOTTOM VIDEO Celebrates the Analog Way and Brings Their Bigfoot B-Flick THE BIG F to VHS Accompanied by the Slasher Dave Soundtrack on Audio Cassette! DIG IT!

We’ve got some radical fresh VHS news for all you fans of bonkers Bigfoot B-movies and outrageous Sasquatchsploitation, man! The groovy indie filmmaking crew over at Rock Bottom Video has recently released their newest flick THE BIG F on limited edition VHS, accompanied by a limited release of the soundtrack (crafted by the retro-aural ace Slasher Dave) on audio cassette! Analog all the way, baby! So what's it all about? Good question, Tapeheads. THE BIG F is a comedy-horror-sasquatchploitation flick that spins the tale of a beastly Bigfoot terrorizing a group of people in a Cul-de-Sac on Valentine's Day night. You can count on a heaping helping blood, boobs and babes… plus one giant Bigfoot penis! If that’s not enough to grab you by the boo boo, you can get a better whiff of THE BIG F with the official trailer below!



Written and directed by Brian Papandrea, THE BIG F stars Sadie Tate (FANGBONER), Brian Kilby (Co-producer, DP and Editor of THE BIG F), Adam Lorenz (CHUBBIES), Ashley Chronowski (BLOOD ORGY AT BEAVER LAKE) and Papandrea makes an appearance as “Maverick”, who sounds like a real badass.




The Rock Bottom logo reppin' that sturdy analog anchor, man.



The VHS edition of THE BIG F comes housed in a plastic “Squeeze & Shake” case, and comes with THE ADVENTURES OF ROBERTO HOOD as a coming attraction.



The Limited Edition VHS for THE BIG F! Grab yer slab here, Videovores!



When asked why he wanted to bring THE BIG F to fresh VHS in such a fashion, Papandrea said, “I come from the glory days of VHS! I even worked at a video store for several years… where you could go in the HORROR section and just stare at rows of original box art for all these awesome movies! THE BIG F VHS is a straight-up the video store style release with a plastic 'shake & squeeze' clear protector over it.” Papandrea also elaborated on the audio cassette release of THE BIG F soundtrack: “We're releasing a very limited cassette tape soundtrack of "THE BIG F" So, for those purists who don't want the DVD/CD combo, they can go strictly analog with VHS and cassette. Nostalgia factor aside, I just recently purchased a used vehicle that pretty much sucks in every way... except it has a working tape player, so I've been jamming out to a bunch of cassette soundtracks I've purchased off eBay for the last couple months. It makes my car somewhat bearable.” Once again, Tapeheads, analog inclinations improve a seemingly bogus situation. You know we can dig it.



BF Cassette FINAL(1)

These groovy little magnetic nuggets come with some Valentine’s Day cards, too. Perfect for your VHSweetheart, dude.



Stomp on over to the Official Rock Bottom Video site for more info and slide into the shop to grab some analog slabs of THE BIG F before they go totally extinct! Hurry, scurry, get on over there and… SQUATCH OUT, MAN!!

Groove and Groove and All Hail the Dick Rip. 



Josh Schafer

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