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The VIDEO VIOLENCE DIEHARD VIDEOVORE EDITION Release Party Recap! Check Out All the Awesome Analog Sights and Sounds from the Amazing Event! DIG IT!

It finally happened, Videovores! Yes, the VIDEO VIOLENCE DIEHARD VIDEOVORE EDITION Release Party went off without a hitch and it was an absolute analog blast! I had a marvelous time celebrating with all of the Tapeheads in attendance, and want to thank everyone who came out and reveled in the in the avalanche of VIDEO VIOLENCE vindication, celebration and appreciation! It was truly a night to DIS member! Ohhhh, what?! Special thanks to Michael Raso and Camp Motion Pictures and The Teenage Videovore himself Johnny Dickie for hosting the too cool trivia questions! You rule, Johnny! And, of course, huge thanks to co-writer Paul Kaye and director Gary Cohen for hanging out, signing Diehard Editions and just being all around awesome guys. Big ups to Matt Desiderio and Forbidden Planet NYC for helping make the event a total success, and also making THIS AWESOME VIDEO RECAP! Scroll on down, my fellow Videovores, and see how the night went for yourself! DIG IT!

Co-writer Paul Kaye, yours truly and director Gary Cohen! SO HAPPY. PHOTO BY MICHAEL RASO.

Paul and Gary with a little light reading material! PHOTO BY MICHAEL RASO.

Paul and Gary with Michael Gingold of FANGORIA! PHOTO BY MICHAEL RASO.

SFX Artist Mark Kwiatek, Paul and Gary with The Teenage Videovore Johnny Dickie! PHOTO BY MICHAEL RASO.

Johnny Dickie dishing out some VV trivia! PHOTO BY MICHAEL RASO.

Paul, Myself, my main man Matt D. of HORROR BOOBS and Gary. Truly an amazing moment. PHOTO BY MICHAEL RASO.

And be sure to peep the totally killer recap video produced by the fine folks over at FORBIDDEN PLANET NYC! It's super-groovy, man! And if you still haven't picked up your copy of the VIDEO VIOLENCE DIEHARD VIDEOVORE EDITION, what're you waitin' for?! These puppies is limited, and once they're gone, they is analog history! Groove on over to Alternative Cinema or Forbidden Planet NYC and snag your copy. You'll be glad ya did!!

Groove, Groove, Groove and Live the Dream.

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