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The Monster Channel Presents: Lunchmeat VHS Rewind Theatre


(August, 2011)


24/7 interactive channel partners with Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine

NEW YORK, NY (August, 2011): As part of its “post-beta” relaunch, the world’s first 24/7 interactive horror channel The Monster Channel ( will present forgotten 80's VHS horror on a new series called LUNCHMEAT VHS REWIND THEATRE, co-produced with Lunchmeat Magazine ( The series will feature obscure and esoteric movies from the VHS era of the 1980's, a time where horror films had a bizarre yet passionate and handmade feel about them. The era and format are at the beginning of a resurgence, and The Monster Channel seeks to bring back everything about the experience short of charging late fees. “VHS was a gold mine for me as a horror fan growing up in the 80's,” said Joe Sena, president of Monster Channel parent company Fourth Castle Micromedia. “I worked at several video stores and took home stacks and stacks of horror stuff, from the classics I always wanted to see to the cheesy gore that was being churned out to feed the market. The fact that this format is experiencing a renaissance takes me back to why I love horror to begin with.” While setting up The Monster Channel, Sena and his team discovered Lunchmeat magazine, a print publication dedicated to the format. Seeing the passion and research evident in the work, he reached out to the magazine to partner on a series dedicated to 80's VHS horror. “Lunchmeat is beyond thrilled to be teaming up with The Monster Channel to to bring LUNCHMEAT VHS REWIND THEATRE to the mass of Videovores,” said Josh Schafer, editor of Lunchmeat magazine. “When I started Lunchmeat, the prime objective was to reach out to all who still cared about the forgotten horror gems on the VHS format and share them, keep them alive. And by running these flicks on MCTV, these pictures have the chance to reach a worldwide audience. It's a very exciting project and I'm just overjoyed that we're able to put these obscure pieces cinema in front the people that care about them on a virtually massive level.” The series premieres late summer/early Fall with the 1987 film that gave the magazine & the series its name, Lunchmeat. Other titles that will follow include Raiders of Atlantis (1983), The Meateater (1979), Night of the Demon (1980) and more . . . LUNCHMEAT VHS REWIND THEATRE promises to be a great addition to The Monster Channel’s lineup, which includes classics and indies hosted by the country’s best known horror hosts, and shows such as This Week In Horror, a news/talk showdirect from Hollywood. ABOUT THE MONSTER CHANNEL ( The Monster Channel, the first 24/7 interactive channel for fans of classic and independent horror films, broadcasts movies, television series and special events, both live and recorded. What makes the channel unique is its interactivity: a built-in chat screen allows thousands of fans from all over the world to communicate with each other during programming. The Monster Channel is a brand of Fourth Castle Micromedia (, a media company which also produces the EMCE Toys brand, the FearWerx e-commerce brand, among others. ABOUT LUNCHMEAT MAGAZINE ( Lunchmeat is an independently published magazine that celebrates the obscure and esoteric in cinema. Its central focus on the wonderful & weird world of the VHS format, publishing reviews of hard-to-find VHS tapes, interviews and articles featuring actors, directors and other creative personalities, along with lots of fun features on all things bizarre residing in the fantastic world of underappreciated cinema. Its essential mission is to explore the vast world of overlooked & unrecognized cinema and bring it to the folks who crave it! For more information contact: ROB DIMENSION Director, Advertising & Promotions for THE MONSTER CHANNEL (215) 287-1372 Visit the website for The Monster Channel HERE. Click HERE to learn more about The Monster Channel.

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