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Take a detour down The Lost Highway! B-movies and Cult flicks ahead!

Whenever I’m in need of a good laugh and a fill of B-Movie and Cult movie awesomeness (when am I not in need of the latter?), I find myself taking a ride down Steve Jenck's aka Barry Goodall’s Lost-Highway. I’ve been in contact with Dr. Jencks and Mr. Goodall for a while now, and let me tell you: this guy rules. He loves horror, exploitation, nachos, rubber beasts, real boobs, etc. Certainly, he’s the kind of guy LM wants you to know about. is one of those sites that puts itself out there as a B-movie review palace, but once you dig in, I’m sure you find you’ll get much more than you bargained for….

LM: What (and when) was the inspiration behind Lost Highway? What made you go for the idea of creating a site all about B and Cult flicks? BG: Mostly it was cheap tequila and a 97' roadtrip to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, in my dad's pickup truck. Actually, it originally started out as a glorified links page to other B-movie resources with a couple of book and videogame reviews. They were usually capped out to about 2-3 sentences, but I decided I wanted to focus on my love for B-movies instead so then I got more long winded. The site really took off about 4 years ago when I posted the trailer to Gymkata, and it got featured on . Our traffic skyrocketed, so I guess the star Johnathan Cabot is actually responsible for Lost Highway's success. Wow… that makes me depressed. LM: You mention Joe Bob Briggs as a direct influence on the site. I must agree he's a horror hero. When was the first time you experienced Joe Bob in all his glory? BG: Well, I started watching Monstervision back in high school (needed a break from my busy social life.) Sure, it was edited for TV thanks to the communists at TNT; but still I got a kick out of Joe Bob's commentary between the commercial breaks and his down-home style and B-movie knowledge. He was sort of the “every man” horror host - no ghoulish gimmicks - just a PBR and a lawn chair. Now all TNT shows is Law and Order Reruns; they should be ashamed for firing him. I actually met Joe Bob in person at Horror Hound a few years back. He's such a great guy... and very, very tall. You see him on TV and ya just have no idea how gigantic he actually is. I've been trying to live in his shadow ever since, I guess. But hey, a bunch of his ex-girlfriends like chattin' with me on the internets. Which is kinda like a lady yelling out someone else's name when you're having sex, but ya still appreciate the compliment. LM: You have section on the site that presents the intros for video releases from companies like Paragon, Vestron and New World Video. Who were some of your favorite releasing companies from the video era? Got any favorite VHS only flicks, or flicks that just are more fun on video (besides all of them)? BG: I so miss those great video bumpers from the 80's like vintage New Line Cinema, Vidmark, and Embassy. I also particularly remember Lions Gate fondly. That's why I put them up on our site, for historic preservation and future generations. Thanks for reminding me that I need to add some more. As for Favorite VHS only flicks... Rockula, Terrorvision, The Keep, CHUD II, Video Dead, and Deadly Spawn... there was also a VHS only Bubba Smith workout video that was pretty dang frightening. LM: Most sites dedicated to cult and B-movie fare are only interested in the old stuff, but LOST HIGHWAY delves into the newer entries of shlocky goodness (badness). What's your take on low-budget filmmaking today contrasted with the way trashy and independent stuff came out in the days of pot boilers, SOV and 8MM? BG: Well, I tell ya: it's a hit or miss with independent films these days... I think there were a lot more hidden gems back in the 70's and 80's. Just some crazy film students on a shoe string budget doing some pretty creative things with fake blood, real breasts and rubber beasts. Today they CGI all that … yeah, even the breasts, too. Yet another sign that the terrorists are winning. And will someone please put a ban on CGI blood? I mean seriously, are we that lazy we can't throw some Karo syrup on a half-naked co-ed? Heck, I'll do that job cheap. LM: The jokes running through your site just crack me up. It's got that hearty blend of camp and gallows humor that I just can't resist. So, I ask you: what's your favorite comedy flick of all-time? Also, who's your favorite funnyman / woman? BG: I find any movie that stars Matthew McConaughey as an ambitious lawyer to be absolutely hilarious or any movie where he plays someone with a fatal disease and then dies at the end is comic gold, as well. Second to that I'd probably go with the film Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. My favorite funnyman would probably be a tie between Michael J. Nelson of MST3K, Joe Bob Briggs (of course) and the writer/director Larry Blamire (Lost Skeleton of Cadavra). James Lipton from Inside the Actors Studio is pretty funny, too, but you have to get him really drunk. My favorite funny woman? That would have to be Amy Sedaris. She should get an Emmy for playing an ex-con 40 year old recovering alcoholic high school student who used to be a hooker.

Click here for the oh-so amazing trailer for The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra!

LM: You also create groovy posters for film presentations. Tell us a bit more about when you started doing art, what other projects you're involved with, and maybe a little more about the film showings you guys got going on.... BG: The poster designs are designed in my spare time which is usually between 1am and 2am weekdays. I started doing these posters a few years back when we hosted a movie night showing Return of the Living Dead. I've always been drawing something somewhere... bathroom stalls, napkins… never tried tattoos yet, though. I don't think I could handle the pain. The posters seem to be pretty popular. We're also doing horror conventions now and that's done really well for sales. It’s also been a great opportunity to meet fans of the site that aren't currently in jail. I tell ya, B-movie fans are some of the nicest people you'd ever meet outside an Amish community. Shout out to all my Amish homies! LM: You sell those prints on Lost Highway, no? BG: Yeah, I sell them on the site dirt cheap and I'm also am available for commission work: t-shirt designs, bar mitzvahs, weddings... whatever I gotta do to keep my kids fed and the wife in new shoes. LM: Okay, so who would win in a cat fight: Morticia from the original Addams Family, or Lily Munster. No holds barred. BG: Lily Munster… Definitely. Morticia was too dignified and refined for a knock down cat fight. Lily's husband was Frankenstein, so she knows how to naked wrestle with big dumb guys. That makes her one tough lady. If there's ever tickets to this cat fight I am so there… Oh, wait aren't they both dead? Oh, well, it still could be a good show… LM: Man, Zombie Carolyn Jones VS. Zombie Yvonne DeCarlo? Sold. So, what's the weirdest thing you've ever seen on the side of the road? BG: While in Arizona, I found a full size telephone booth with a human skeleton inside... It didn't appear to be Halloween decoration and was on a deserted road about a half mile down from an abandoned Shell station. It had this flickering light on the inside it and pretty much scared the beejeebers outta me. I thought I made a wrong turn onto a nuclear testing site and was about to get kidnapped by mutant cannibals. The concept of Lost Highway really owes a lot to that experience.... And my fear of having my face eaten. I think there's a medical name for that kind of phobia…

Dr. Jencks / Mr. Goodall and "friends"

Check out for more B-Movie hijinks and a chance to win front row tickets to the Zombie Carolyn Jones VS. Zombie Yvonne DeCarlo match (pending a favor from Herbert West)….

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