Homegrown Knoxville, TN Horror Flick SOMETHING’S IN THE WOODS Comes to Limited Edition Fresh VHS!

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Homegrown Knoxville, TN Horror Flick SOMETHING’S IN THE WOODS Comes to Limited Edition Fresh VHS!

The creators of the new indie horror flick Something’s in the Woods got something for you to stick in your VCR, Videovores! Knoxville, TN filmmaker Will Allman and his Fanboy Productions crew are now offering their homegrown camping-gone-awry fright flick on fresh VHS via their official online store. Originally conceived as a trailer for the Knoxville Horror Film Festival’s Grindhouse Grindout trailer contest, Something’s in the Woods has since transformed into a “bloody and brutal” full-length feature.

Here’s the official description from Allman and FBP, followed by the official trailer: "SOMETHING’S IN THE WOODS takes place in an old, long-abandoned campground. Angela and her boyfriend head deep into the woods, hoping to have a bit of fun and romance while helping their friends fix up the old camp’s dilapidated cabins. But all is not what it seems – Angela’s friends seem to be disappearing into the trees one by one. Stranded far from civilization, her vacation goes from “roughing it” to a desperate struggle for survival as she soon discovers… something’s in the woods!



The Something’s in the Woods VHS release comes sheathed in retro-styled, full-color artwork housed in a large black clamshell case. You can get a look at the full package on the Official SitW Facebook page. Pre-orders will cost you 20 bones plus shipping, and are set to ship out around September 30th. Groove on over a reserve your slab with this here hot-hot-hot link! Here’s a look at the full art for the release….




A look at the full artwork for the SOMETHING'S IN THE WOODS VHS release now up for pre-order.


Something’s in the Woods will be premiering on October, 6th 2016 at the Knoxville Horror Film Festival, and if my more clairvoyant VHSenses serve me, the SitW crew will have some of their fresh analog slabs up for grabs. Groove on out and see what’s stalking in the woods, man!


Groove and Groove and Make Your VCR a Happy Camper.

Josh Schafer

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