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So, I walked into this Time Machine . . .

Just a couple of days ago, I did a post about the Demon Queen tape that fetched nearly $800 on eBay, which is unsurprisingly getting a ton of attention. In closing that piece, I encouraged all the Videovores out there to scour the depths of any & all flea markets, dirt malls, second-hand shops and any place that bares the word “video” on its signage. This past weekend I did just that with my buddies John aka Video Dead from Lunchmeat, Matt from Horror Boobs, and Rob from Wild Eye Releasing, and what we happened to come across totally blew our minds. I took a video of it to share it with all of you VHS Hunters out there & present an instance where digging everywhere & anywhere you smell a trace of VHS has its awesome rewards. We all walked away with tons of amazing stuff, and didn’t have to sacrifice a month’s rent to get it. And beyond the reasonable prices, just the experience of being in there . . . it was truly a trip back in time. Walking around the towering stacks of VHS tapes, scanning the immense amount of cover art, the joy of finding something totally killer… it was a nostalgic treat to rival any other. I just hope this video does the find enough justice and shows how truly rad the whole experience was. Keep on’a searchin, Videovores. Keep on’a diggin’. There are places like this. They’re not everywhere, but they do indeed exist. And they are so glorious when you find them! Click HERE to watch the video from our adventure on YouTube. - Josh Schafer (8.18.11)

Hallways of Horror

First half of the haul . . .

. . . second half of the haul!

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