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Sick Slice Cinema Main Brain Hayden Hall Unleashes some Fresh VHS with IT’S NOT DELIVERY, ITS DEMONIC and Wows Toy and Tapeheads Alike with his Custom Figure Celebrating Benny from Analog Essential LUNCH MEAT!

Multi-talented and all-around impassioned artist Hayden Hall is one radical dude. He’s already riding high on the home video vibe with the release of his first two homegrown SOV flicks via some fresh VHS, and he’s also set the analog adoring crowd abuzz with excitement over his bitchin’ custom Benny figure from Kirk Alex’s essential Lunch Meat. His knack for low-budget production coupled with his bodacious party time excellent aesthetics are apt to have him make an even bigger impact with his next ooey-gooey indie flick which is currently in production, set to mix together a heady blend of exploitation flavors. Read on, my fellow Videovores, and know the three basic food groups which will allow you to attain a full-on VHSnack Attack…


The Sick Slice Cinema Logo all up on the screen, man! ZENITHS GRAZIN' AT YOUR GRAVE!

Tell all the Tapeheads here in Lunchmeat Land a little about yourself and your creative endeavors. You have a few artistic outlets, right? I do. I'm a filmmaker, toy maker, animator, painter, illustrator, etc. I do a little bit of everything from album covers to zines to SOV movies. Anything it takes to help out the horror industry. My main outlet of my art is through my company Sick Slice Cinema. All other work is commissioned or asked outside of my film world. To check out my solo art, follow me on Instagram under @iron_haiden_ssc


Hayden's insano rad analog edition of his film INSECTOID! Dig that amazing illustrated cover for da slipcase, mang!

You've also released a VHS or two for your own films. I saw Insectoid is currently available and looks killer. Is the pizza flick coming out soon? I actually just posted a preorder for the Pizza Flick! It's Not Delivery, It's Demonic is now available on DVD and VHS (The way it was meant to be seen). Although Insectoid was my first film and my baby, the pizza flick was my first SOV movie and really let me explore and find new respect for other filmmakers who shot-on-video in the past. My first HD film is being shot in December and I hope to have this one widely released. Big goals on this one.


The pizza-possessed mind-melter that is IT'S NOT DELIVERY, IT'S DEMONIC on some fresh and hot VHS! Dig this.

The custom figure you did for Benny from Kirk Alex's LUNCH MEAT is amazing, man. Are these fully custom? Are you able to divulge any of the process for making this radical rendering? The figures are actually modified bootlegs! The reason why I sell them so cheap is that they aren't actually molded by me. I just hunt for figures in discount stores that already look similar to an existing character and modify them the best I can. Luckily, the store nearest me has a surplus of "Benny" figures. The custom figure market has gotten completely out of hand recently price-wise. I’ve seen single figures go for 50-80 dollars. Nobody should have to pay that much for toys that purposefully look cheap. I don't make the figures for money, but more as business cards for myself to get my movie company off the ground and to just give people quality figures they won't find anywhere else without having to sell their soul and their first born child to the makers.


The super-bitchin' Benny custom mod figure!! Just too groovy, man. Available fo' pre-order RIGHT NOW!

What else is cookin', mang? What's next? What you snackin’ on over there? My newest movie coming out is shaping up to be my favorite. It mixes Japanese shock with German underground and a little Italian gore. It will definitely be a doozy. For behind the scenes goodies and sneak peeks, follow Sick Slice Cinema on Facebook and if you want a shot at owning original props used in my films, check us out our Official Storenvy. Snack wise, I believe the only food to eat during a viewing of Horror brilliance is Pizza, Chinese, or Mexican. Those are the three and only three food groups meant for VHSexiness.


A magnificently melty STREET TRASH custom figure from Hayden! Yo, this thing RULES!

Yo, those are essentials, no doubt! Any other analog additions or VHShout-outs you wanna spill in Lunchmeat Land, man?! Just wanted to give a shout out to Fang Sinatra and Steve Boliek who worked on Zomboner and Shitler. They are great dudes who are some of the few indie filmmakers keeping obscene horror alive. Also, I recently watched TerrorTales. If any of you make low budget films and need an inspiration or a kick in the pants, that's the film to do it.

Take it from Hayden (and me), Tapeheads: TerrorTales is DIY analog anthology excellence! DIG IT! Huge analog ups to Hayden for his crazy cool creative drive and radical rewind-inclined results. Hayden, we VHSalute you! Go give him some love on the Official Sick Slice Cinema Facebook, and stay updated on all the slices about the be served up! And of course he’s got all kinds of groovy stuff up for grabbin’ in the SSC store including those slabs of fresh VHS SOV insanity, that amazing Benny figure, and more, man! Yeah! Much more! Groove your caboose on over, grab yourself a Sick Slice and support those analog-lovin’ indie creations! You’ll be glad ya did, mang.

Groove and Groove and EAT THE WHOLE PIZZA.

Josh Schafer

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