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SCREAMING LIKE BANSHEES Reaches for VHS to Re-Animate their Past Projects and Bring You the Homemade Horror Anthology TERRORTALES!

Rob Michels and his crew of video era vindicators are on the verge of unleashing their first slice of analog redemption with TERRORTALES: a cheeztastic chunk of homegrown horror in an anthological homage to the gravy days of low-budget bravery with nigh lethal doses of arm rips, gunky gore, bitchy beer wenches, a shitty santa, and a dude pushing a wheelchair across a baseball diamond with a dead body just chillin’ – and that’s just from the trailer, man! They’re out to celebrate that raw power of DIY authenticity and action, re-animating dusty projects by stitching them together and committing them to analog glory. Read on, my fellow Tapheads, and get a taste of some new VHS flesh to feed to your VCR…

Fuzzed out and grained up. Just the way I like it.

LM: Can you tell us a little bit about Screaming Like Banshees? What it's all about, how it started, etc.? Rob Michels: Screaming Like Banshees was born in 2010. We shot our 1st short film using whatever was in front of us. We became addicted to this style and shot over 7 short films over the next 2 years.

A analog-infested stylized still from the short DEAD DRUNK. I see what you did there. Dig it.

Tell us about the film you're releasing TERRORTALES. This is a collection you’ve created and collected? When we were done with the first short, we decided to make more and put them together in an anthology, which we are huge fans of. This was 2010 and after a few more shorts, plans were changing all the time and the anthology idea was shelved. Flash forward to 2013, we just completed our chapter for an anthology film "Hole in the Wall" ,and now with some free time, I started revisiting some of the older shorts and decided that these lost films needed some new life. TERRORTALES on VHS seemed like the logical choice.

A full look at the TERRORTALES release. And, also, an awesome copy of THE DEVILS makes an appearance. Dig it.

Why VHS for this release? Well, when DVD came around I was uninterested… to me it seemed like a way for the studios to keep re-selling the same titles over and over. It seemed like companies were concerned with re-releasing their back catalogs than creating fresh ideas. I also think DVD started the remake trend as well, which I have mixed feelings about. I have been collecting horror VHS since the mid-eighties… sold off most of them over the years, and am now a casual collector. My point being that this isn't some new trend for us, but a way of life. I feel that our attitude and the attitude of TERRORTALES is VHS all the way. To me, as a no budget filmmaker, this is the new punk rock, raw and underground, the way it used to be.

A still from TERRORTALES... Looks like RIPPING good time! Dry cleaning bill = Omega on this one.

Can you give us some specs on the release? How many are you pressing? Any sort of extras or bonus material(s)? As far as the release itself goes, not sure yet. I was initially just going to do a run of 50 and see if there is any interest. Maybe we'll throw in a sticker. Nothing too fancy, though.

Another kind of ripping good time from TERRORTALES. Party on. Click this one for the full trailer, mannnnn.

Why do you think it's important to keep VHS alive? I personally am not a hardcore VHS collector (I only have five heaping bookshelves), I like finding and watching movies that are hard-to-find, for whatever reason, and I think VHS keeps that spirit alive as you don't see many straight-to-video movies popping up on Internet, DVD, etc.

Another still slice featuring a BEEFY arm wound. That's a good one.

What do you say to the peeps out there who are averse to new VHS releases? I totally understand people not into new VHS releases. That's fine; that's passion for something that special in their lives and they don't want to see it get shit on. TERRORTALES, I hope, can be appreciated for all the hard work we put into it over the last two years.

And here he is, Videovores! The shitty santa! I LOVE THIS GUY! Note: this guy's name is probably not "The Shitty Santa".

Anything else you'd like to shout out to all the Videovores out there? Thanks for the interest and thanks for keeping VHS alive! Look out for your WORST nightmares, TERRORTALES, available only on VHS Fall 2013.

Man, that's not far away, Tapeheads. It's sure to be a limited release, so if you wanna witness this kooky collection of z-grade trashterpieces on the world's greatest format, groove on over to the Screaming Like Banshees Facebook page to stay updated on the upcoming analog output! This one looks like a total blast.

Groove and Groove and Eat Nachos.

Josh Schafer

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