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ROTTEN RENTALS Offers a KRAMPUS Clamshell VHS Pack Stuffed with Groovy Vintage Goodies and Promo Items from the Flick!

If you’re a frequent visitor to the VHS-obsessed landscape of Lunchmeat Land, you’re sure to recall a recent feature on modern day movies receiving the retro VHS treatment where films such MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, Spike Jonze’s HER and ONLY GOD FORGIVES were transformed into fantasy video tapes much to the visual pleasure of Videovores everywhere. At the end of that piece, we sent out a small rewind wish to see the newest holiday horror hit KRAMPUS done up in analog aesthetics with hopes of seeing it spill from the top of our VHStocking on Christmas morn. It seems that tape dream has come true through the radical work of a company called Rotten Rentals: am outfit that creates limited edition custom clamshell VHS packs for some of the most loved horror, sci-fi and wrestling entertainment out there, wrapped up in all-new artwork from analog-inclined artists. However, instead of a slab of magnetic magic hiding inside, these bad boys are packed with groovy goodies including vintage trading card packs, zombie mini-figures are all sorts of radical horror-centric treats.


A look at both of the KRAMPUS VHS Packs from Rotten Rentals - the standard edition to the left, the super-limited to the right. Get a full look at the art on the Rotten Rentals site!

KRAMPUS is Rotten Rentals’ newest offering, and comes in two variations: the first is limited to 35 pieces, decked out with cover art derived from the one-sheet poster for the film. The other is a super-limited variation of just 5 editions, with a more traditional artistic tone and presumably packed with even more goodies. Both are stated on the site to come with all of the standard Rotten Rental goodies along with some killer KRAMPUS promo items. The standard (35 piece edition) is set at $20 while the super-limited edition is priced at 35 bones. That’s almost double the dough, so I’m inclined to think the super-limited edition might have a lock of KRAMPUS’ hair or something, man. Either way, these are sure to stoke out any Tapehead that should find this goodie-stuffed clamshell waiting for them on that most merry of mornings. You can grab the KRAMPUS Rotten Rental along with a few others on their Official Site, man!

Groove and Groove and Need ‘em, Need ‘em, Got ‘em, Need ‘em!

Josh Schafer

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