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Rewind-Inclined Radness: Shares a Set of Modern Movies Transformed into VHS Tapes!

Nostalgia for the almighty VHS is running high right now, Tapeheads, perhaps higher than ever before, with a revival of appreciation that mirrors the fervent feelings for the format upon its arrival and subsequent home entertainment takeover in the 80s and early 90s. With all of the retrospective praise for its now-missed analog aesthetics and the collective aversion to the ennui caused by endless streaming media outlets, it seems the VHS and it’s often eye-catching, vibrant artwork along with its staunch physicality helps us back to a time when things were simpler, more fun and picking out a movie for the night offered a sense of adventure and actual investment. So, in an awesome labor of appreciation for our favorite format and all of its rewindable wonders, an artist seemingly identified by an IMGUR link was recently featured on with their run of modern movies transformed into vintage VHS releases offering ideas on what they might look like if these films were up for rent in your local Mom and Pop Video Shop instead of bleeding out of the box office and heading directly into the vast land of infinite online streaming.


MAD MAX: FURY ROAD along with other contemporary cinema given the VHS treatment. Originally featured on - Source images HERE!

I’ve chosen only a couple choice cuts for this feature here in Lunchmeat Land, but you can view the entire set on the original post, right HERE on! There’s also a few other retro-visions of modern films on tape available on Nerdist, and if you wanna take a look at those, just clickity-click this link and this link. There are some fun ones, indeed.


The VHS mock-up for EX MACHINA as if it were released by the one and only Media Home Entertainment. I suggest you look at the full gallery, as most of the detail work for the back covers on these is the most impressive.

So I ask you, my fellow Videovores: What are some films you might want to see given the retro-rewind treatment? Me? I’m actually VHSurprised KRAMPUS hasn’t been given the magnetic magic mock-up just yet. Sure, I know it’s only been out for a few days, but after the better-than-expected reaction from horror fans and beyond, along with the holiday season rapidly approaching, I’d say it’s right ripe to be stuffed in a clamshell case and wrapped up in some absolutely gore-geous cover art ready to be stuffed into someone’s VHStocking. A Tapehead can dream. Oh, wait a magnetic minute.... It looks like if your Rewind Christmas Wish is the same as mine, Rotten Rentals has you covered, man. KRAMPUS COMES HOME THIS CHRISTMAS!

Groove and Groove and Hey, Santa! SHOUT AT THE DEVIL!

Josh Schafer

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