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Radical SFX Artist Scott Campbell and His Midnight Society Brand Offer Up Some VHS Appreciation and Celebration with a Glow-in-the-Dark Custom Cast Resin Figure Entitled LATE FEE!!

The colossally cool crossover of analog affection and custom figure casting continues to expand at an exciting rate, Tapeheads. We've seen the groovy mini-figure maker Midas Wilder soup up VHS shelves with his Video Nasteez line and analog-lovin’ Hayden Hall stoked out fans of Kirk Alex’s seminal low-budget trashterpiece Lunch Meat with his custom Benny figure (now on pre-order - more with Hayden next week, mang!). Enter super-rad SFX artist Scott Campbell and his Midnight Society imprint. Scott’s work is certainly inclined toward celebrating the most excellent (and amusing) aspects of life taking inspiration from essential junk food eats, fecal-slurpin’ flies and our favorite Alien Life Form from Planet Melmac. His newest custom cast, however, is sure to send every Videovore into a “Shit-I-Gotta-Have-This!” type fit. Limited to just 25 handmade pieces and packaged in a clamshell case complete with an inventive and analog-oriented faux movie synopsis on the back, this is one dope resin rarity you’re not gonna wanna miss, mang. Read on, my fellow Videovores, and learn about a Late Fee you actually DO want on your shelf…


Submitted for your approval... The Midnight Society Logo! That magic sand was so rad, man.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your creative past? You did a radical Belial figure, I believe? In 2006 I moved to Pennsylvania to attend Tom Savini’s Special Make-Up Effects Program. There, I learned a lot about sculpting, mold making, casting, painting, and a lot of other techniques. I was fortunate to meet a lot of really great people there. After I graduated, I moved back to Boston where I was able to work on a handful of films and other projects as a Special Make-Up Effects Artist. Wanting to do more travelling, I started making my first resin figures and movie replica pieces to sell at horror conventions up and down the East Coast. That Belial I made was life size and I sold them in wicker baskets. I only made three of them before making the decision to stick to making smaller pieces. Those took up a lot of space in the car and made it harder to fit a lot of other necessities. I’ve been toying with the idea of revisiting that one in some form.


So THAT'S what's in the basket!! Where did all the burgers go, man!? This just RULES.

Tell us about your newest project Late Fee. Can you describe the inspiration and the process of putting it all together? Late Fee, my tribute to the world of VHS, is my latest figure to be released. I got the idea while reading the book Portable Grindhouse by Jacques Boyreau. I thought it would be really cool to package a figure in a VHS box. I did some quick sketches and I was sold on it. After I worked out the design I sculpted the figure out of clay and once I got to a point where I was happy with that, I made a two-piece mold out of silicone rubber. From there I made resin copies, cleaned them up a little and painted each one. I did some artwork for the packaging, got some VHS cases and put them all together. Working solo on this project allowed me to experiment a little with all the different aspects, from start to finish.


LATE FEE alongside his clamshell home! Little Wizard Video love at the bottom there, too. And KILLER BOOTS, MAN!

Can you give us the specs on it? These are limited edition, and they glow-in-the-dark?! Yeah! These guys are about six inches in height and they all have an eye that glows in the dark. They are limited to 25. Each figure is 100% handmade, so each one is unique and slightly different from the rest. I’m really happy with how these came out.


The Mighty LATE FEE in all his analog glory! That GITD eye is a'watchin'yoooooooooouuu, duuuuuude...

Why VHS? What is it about the format that totally rules for you? What do you think about the whole rewind resurgence as it’s happening? It has a certain charm to it. The box art, the imperfections, it just sets a completely different atmosphere. The majority of my favorite movies were first viewed and purchased on VHS and have survived way longer than any DVD I’ve had. I’m all for the whole resurgence; I think it’s great.


Custom CHEESED BURGER figure and the radical packaging! These are sold out so keep dreamin', mang!

There’s also been a visible resurgence in the custom figure casting sub-culture. Who are some of the standouts whose work you really dig? There are so many artists making amazing things right now. One of my favorites is Kevin Herdeman (; his melt monsters are super rad. Peter Kelk ( is another whose work consistently blows my mind. Aaron Moreno of Retroband ( makes some really incredible figures. I’m glad I have some of his work in my collection and the dudes from The Resin Syndicate, too; they’re making some really standout pieces.


Hey-yo! Pizza Face! Get on my shelf!! That's what you're probably sayin' right now, 'cause these things are BITCHIN! Still some left, too! DANG! GET AT IT!

Where can we get Videovores get their hands on Late Fee? When’s it coming out? I will be releasing this figure online in my store ( on 11/28/14 at noon (EST). Once they’re gone, they won’t be coming back. After I finish making the run, I destroy the mold so no more will ever be made.


The shit-eatin' SCUMBUG lives! Yes, those eyes do GLOW! Still available and ready to slurp his shitcone on your shelf!

What’s next for you, Scott? Where can we keep up with you, mang? Bigger and better things! I only started The Midnight Society about seven months ago, so it’s still very young. I’ve got some collaboration projects coming up that I’m really excited about and some other things up my sleeve. I plan on doing a lot of travelling and whatever else I can to get my stuff out there. I update my website regularly ( with upcoming projects, events and releases, and I post progress shots and sneak peeks on Instagram (@ridewithdeath) regularly.


Oh, man! What the flock?! These are just out-of-this-world awesome. NO PROBLEM!

Anything else you wanna shout out to all the Tapeheads in Lunchmeat Land? Thank you to everyone that has bought something and supported me thus far. I’m stoked to be making toys and couldn’t be any more grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given. I’m psyched for what’s next!

We’re all psyched up, too, man! No doubt! Scott’s killer custom creations are undeniably awesome, and his upcoming love letter to the video format is nothing but VHStellar. Don’t forget, Tapeheads: Late Fee drops this coming Friday at Noon EST on the Official Midnight Society Webstore, so be sure to groove on over and grab this bad boy, because as Scott said: once they gone, they is VHSold out forever, mang! Snatch one up and give the gift that will make the magnetic maniac on your list the most merry! THIS IS IT! DIG IT!

Groove and Groove and HERE COME THE HOLIDAYS.

Josh Schafer

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