Radical Rewind Wild Find Featuring Videovore Justin Prescott: The Quasar VHS Videocassette Counter Display!

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Radical Rewind Wild Find Featuring Videovore Justin Prescott: The Quasar VHS Videocassette Counter Display!

Here in Lunchmeat Land, we’re known as perpetual proponents of fervently rummaging through the rewind wild in search of various video era treasures. And though we’ve heard the cries of rewind-inclined woe that have been echoing through the collector community claiming that the VHS well is rapidly running dry, we here at Lunchmeat steadfastly believe there’s still plenty of groovy video era goodies and sick nasty slabs to be mined from them thar home video hills, man, and the following find is living proof, Tapeheads. Today we turn Lunchmeat Land over to fellow Videovore Justin Prescott as he spins the tale of how he unearthed not one but two of the ostensibly obscure and crazy cool pieces of video-centric store displays we’ve seen, found right along the border of Alabama and Mississippi. So, without any further analog ado, take it away, Justin!




TWINS! The set of QUASAR VHS cabinets from the collection of Justin Prescott. Dang, these things are cool, dude.



“I've always enjoyed searching thrift shops for new videotapes to add to my collection, and most of the time it seems like I leave my local thrift shop empty handed... but sometimes, I do manage to find a rare VHS gem. However, I never thought my greatest VHS find wouldn’t be a videotape itself, but 2 retail display cabinets for blank QUASAR tapes! As soon as I saw the cabinets I had to have them. I still can't believe I only paid $2.99 a piece! I never knew these cabinets existed, and I don't know how rare they are. I’ve searched the Internet for just one single picture of these cabinets with no luck. (ED NOTE: That’ll change now, man!) This rare find has taught me a good lesson: There is more to collecting VHS than accumulating the tapes. To me, VHS collecting is also about preserving an era that most people have sadly forgotten. This is why I urge all tape collectors to seek out and preserve all relics from the VHS era. If we collectors don't, there are few that will… As years go by, similar VHS relics will only become harder and harder to find. It's up to VHS collectors to unearth these rewind-era relics, and save them from the trash. I, for one, will never stop searching for these sacred VHS artifacts. I encourage all collectors to do the same, and share your finds with others. VHS FORVEVER!!”




The QUASAR VHS retail display re-purposed to house some scintillating slabs, man. NOISH.



You know we can dig it, man! Justin’s find is seemingly rare, and obviously awesome. And what he says is true, dude: though gathering tapes is the most crucial and absolutely essential piece of the Videovore mindset, let’s not forget about all the radical promo pieces, outstanding playback machines, video store displays and countless transient tape-oriented goodies that are out there just waiting to be plucked from the dark and brought back into the view of video era enthusiasts everywhere. It’s like our anti-digital duty, dude. So go ahead, Tapeheads! VHShout out a comment below with your latest and greatest VHS-centric find, or shoot us a pic at TheButcher@LunchmeatVHS.com – we’re always lookin’ to feature some absolutely VHStunning wild finds, man. Always.

Groove and Groove and Dig Deep and Don’t Stop.




Josh Schafer

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