POSER ROT Partners with Low-Budget Stalwart David S. Sterling to Bring THINGS, THINGS 4 and IT KILLS: CAMP BLOOD 7 to Fresh VHS! Plus! More in Store!

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POSER ROT Partners with Low-Budget Stalwart David S. Sterling to Bring THINGS, THINGS 4 and IT KILLS: CAMP BLOOD 7 to Fresh VHS! Plus! More in Store!

The rewind-inclined crew at Poser Rot Productions continue to impress by expanding their selection of fresh VHS offerings, Tapeheads. Known for their celebration of Carl J. Sukenick’s brain-bending signature cinema via limited edition VHS re-animations (their latest Sukenick slab Zombie City is already sold out), Poser Rot is now ready to move into new tape territory via a partnership with low-budget cinema stalwart David S. Sterling. Using the momentum from their Sukenick launchpad, they’ve recently issued a three-headed attack of limited edition VHS, all harvested from the Sterling archives, and all housed in a VHSexy, full-color slipcase presentation. And after these newest editions are all assigned to various VCRs, there’s even more Sterling classics and obscurities in store. And that’s pretty groovy, man.




The ZOMBIE CITY limited edition VHS from Poser Rot. Hope you grabbed this slab, Tapeheads! It's a beaut!



Here’s all the anti-digital dirt on their current and upcoming tape releases from the Sterling stash, straight from Poser Rot main brain James Chris Land: “Poser-Rot Productions will be distributing approximately 30 – 40 units per VHS re-issue from David Sterling Entertainment, with 3 new films coming to tape about every 1 – 3 months. The first in the Sterling Entertainment series are the infamous low budget directors Dennis Devine (Merchants of Death, Vampires of Sorority Row, Dead Girls & Fatal Images) and Mark Polonia (Zombie Chronicles, Terror House, Saurians & Splatter Farm, etc.)”



Poser-Rot 1

Now that's some fresh VHS, dudes. Lookin' GOOD.



VHS 0001 in the Series: THINGS 4 Written & Directed by: Dennis Devine & Thera Min This is fourth part in the Things series specifically 
Things 4 is the sequel to the original 1993 Things anthology. This is a limited one time run of 30 VHS Edition with pro-printed slip box and pro duplication by VHS is DEAD! This is Strictly limited to 40 copies: 30 in circulation and 10 used for promotional purposes. GRAB THINGS 4 BY CLICKING THIS LINK!



Poser Rot 2

The side view of the first three VHS in the Sterling Entertainment series from Poser Rot. These slips are sexy, man.



VHS 0002 in the Series: THINGS Written & Directed by: Dennis Devine, Steve Jarvis, Mike Bowler and Jay Woelfel. This is the original 1993 anthology with a limited collector’s edition box in the style of it's original advert. This is a limited, one-time run of 30 copies. GRAB THINGS BY CLICKING THIS LINK!



Poser Rot 3

The back view on these bad boys. Cue "Baby Got Back". You're damn right I did.



VHS 0003 in the Series: IT KILLS! CAMP BLOOD 7 Written & Directed by: Mark Polonia & Amy Suzuki Mark Polonia's 2nd entry in the Camp Blood Series following Camp Blood: First Slaughter. Ghost of Camp Blood is currently in production, and will also be up for release through Poser Rot via the Sterling Ent. Series sometime in 2018. GRAB IT KILLS: CAMP BLOOD 7 BY CLICKING THIS LINK! And VHSpeaking of 2018, there are a bunch of groovy titles up for future release from Poser Rot for the Sterling Entertainment Series, including Axe Grinder, Scream Queen & Crystal Force II, all unearthed from the dank low-budget dungeon of Sterling Entertainment. But that’s not all, dudes. Also set for a 2018 release is a 2-VHS compilation of Carl J. Sukenick's 8mm, Super8mm, 16mm, U-Matic & VHS Video Art collected from Sukenick's earliest and most vivid works, aptly titled Super Kill Radiation I & II. These early films represent Carl’s cinematic output at the tender age of 18 and Carl will be going back into these, hand-painting, re-editing and re-developing these films by dry process and with no projector…. in 2017. Bring on the madness, Poser Rot. Our VCRs are ready.



Be sure to groove to the official Poser Rot store and snatch up these incredible limited editions of some essential insane indie horror before they’re all gobbled up. Because once they’re gone, they’re absolute VHiStory, dudes.





Groove and Groove and Roll That Beautiful B-Movie Footage!





Josh Schafer

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