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POISONED MIND RECORDS Prepares to Unleash the Analog Beast with a Limited Edition 7 Inch Featuring the Original Score from the Chester N. Turner SOV Brain-Bender BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL!!

Born and bred analog addicts and perpetual proponents of the physical media experience, the Videovores turned vinyl entrepreneurs Tom RedRum and Mike Paine are just about ready to unleash yet another analog beast for Chester N. Turner’s SOV trashterpiece BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL courtesy of their Poisoned Mind Records imprint. Working in conjunction with Massacre Video on this initial release, these dudes have amped up the score even more, revisiting the raw tracks and re-mastering them to create the ultimate BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL aural experience. The limited edition EP is set to be jam-packed with amazing extras and housed in all-new mind-melting artwork, but before we start spinning these slabs o’ obscure cinematic sounds, let’s sit down with my fellow Videovore and Poisoned Mind proprietor Mike Paine to enlighten ourselves to the most exciting analog audio assault to ever hit the Videovore world...


The swirled out, skulltastic logo for Poisoned Mind Records. Dig that Groovy Dance of Death, mang.

LM: What was the impetus to start up POISONED MIND? Did you have any production experience, or just wanted to do something awesome? MP: We pretty much just wanted to do something awesome. The whole idea for the label was basically born out of Tom and I drinking adult beverages at Cinema Wasteland, wandering around the Super 8, and talking about all the awesome music out there that deserved the analog treatment.


The standard sleeve for the upcoming 7" with stunning artwork from the mighty SHAGRAT! TOUNGIN' IT!

How did you get hooked up with doing the BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL soundtrack? Why'd you go for it? Obviously Louis was the driving force behind us being able do this whole thing. He helped us out a ton in regards to getting everything together from Chester and of course, allowing us to do this release in the first place. We pretty much wanted to do it because with the whole resurgence going on right now with horror soundtracks, we thought SOV movies deserve some recognition, as well. Obviously the John Carpenter stuff and the Goblin stuff is amazing, but there's so much mind-bending awesomeness that’s just languishing in VHS obscurity that most people would never get to hear. I guess we're hoping to change that.


A look at the swirled up limited edition sleeve for the BDDfH release. Still TOUNGIN' IT.

What's going to be on the record? The full soundtrack, or...? Can you give us the specs on it, e.g. the run number, colors, etc.? Yesssiiirr, the whole soundtrack! At least the whole original soundtrack… the metal songs that were added in later by the distribution company are not included. It’s a pretty short movie so we were able to fit it on a 7". We're doing a total run of 325: 50 purple, 75 orange and the remainder will be the standard black. The purple and orange colorways will be a super rad "Yell Your Own Name!" edition that comes with pins, a poster and a limited cover... plus some other goodies. There will also be 50 mixed colors available via Massacre Video.


Some super sticky-icky pins that'll come with the "Yell Your Own Name" Edition. 2" old-school square boys? Yes, please.

The artwork looks killer. It's done by Shagrat (of Acid Witch fame), right? How'd you guys get hooked up with him? Yeah, man, Shagrat absolutely killed it! Again, we have Louis to thank for that… he's known the Acid Witch dudes for a while and he pretty much just let him (Shagrat) know what we were doing and the rest is VHSTORY!


WHAT?!! I SAID WHAT?! A Black Devil Doll from Hell HAND PUPPET?! That's right, and it'll be included with the YYON edition. This is the coolest thing on the planet.

When's this bad boy dropping, and where can we pick it up? Right now, we're looking at the last week of December or the first week of January. The best way to keep up to date is by checking out our Facebook page or following us on Instagram @poisonedmindrecords - Once the record drops it will be available via our Bigcartel store.


A look at the labels for the release. Each B-Side will correspond with the vinyl cover. Awesome attention to detail? Check.

What's next for you dudes? Well, right now we are working with some super gnarly dudes outta Texas called CRYPT TRIP. They are a big pile of doomy, Sabbathy awesomeness. We are hoping to have that EP out by spring time. After that, we've got a few other projects in the works that I think the Videovores will enjoy quite a bit!


The Eye of Doom sees YOUUUUU. Get stoked for a smoky, swirly CRYPT TRIP, mang.

Anything else you want to say to all the physical media junkies out there? First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who’s shown their support thus far. We haven’t even put our first record yet and the response so far has been mind-blowing! And I also want to remind everyone to watch tapes, listen to records and be excellent to each other.

Well said, Mike, my friend, well said! That’s a one, two, three punch to life perfection if I ever heard one… but, hey, don’t take my word for it. LIVE IT, BROTHERRRR! Ultra-Mega-Bitchin’ Big Ups to my analog brethren Mike and Tom for taking a dream making it happen, man. It’s that kind of distinct DIY attitude that will keep these kinds of obscure amazements alive for years and years to come. And that’s pretty groovy. And, dizamn, don’t forget to follow these dudes on the Instagrams @poisonedmindrecords for some analog-oriented images and groove on over their Facebook digs to give 'em some love and stay updated on all the PMR awesomeness to unfold. Sharpen those record needles and set that speed at 45, Tapeheads. Come the next couple weeks, the BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL is about to be tellin’ your turntable to WAKE UP, BITCH!!

Groove and Groove and Yell Your Own Name.

Josh Schafer

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