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Photocopied and stapled for your pleasure, CRIMSON SCREENS is one groovy fanzine that has the love for home video and does it DIY OR DIE!

One of the grooviest things about having a snail mail address is getting cool stuff in the mail, right? You’re damn skippy. And, here at Lunchmeat, we’re fortunate enough to receive some pretty neato stuff e.g. VHS tapes, strange cryptic letters and groovy-as-hell indie publications from other folks who love VHS as much as we do. And as luck may have it, this past mail call contained one of my personal favorite fanzines that champion the almighty analog format: CRIMSON SCREENS!

CRIMSON SCREENS #11 has arrived! And it RULES!

Ed-in-Chief and Indie Publisher Edward Black was gracious enough to send a copy of his latest issue (Thanks, Edward!), CRIMSON SCREENS #11: the Ultra-Violent Holiday Issue! Edward and his photocopied, hand-stapled, hand-damn-made CS has been at it for a while now. We previously cooked up some Spare Parts where we talked about CS # 7 which contained Black championing all the glory of insano action flicks viewed via his VCR.

The Layout: simple yet effective. Just read it, and you'll see! THE VIDEO VAULT OWNS!

This new issue is packin’ all the same video-enthusiast punch as the rest of his output, but has a hearty grouping of other writings including his opinions on new flicks (see “At the Movies”), rants and reasons why he WON’T do ads in CS (ED NOTE: RESPECT), a bootleg DVD review for Swinger’s Massacre, a comic review (by Bob Ignizio) and of course, lots of that home video love with “From the Video Vaults” and some respect to Gary Busey for Eye of the Tiger! C’mon, man! DIG IT!

Look at this cover. Just LOOK at it. You haven't seen this one? Gary Busey commands you, dude! COMMANDS YOU!

Another groovy feature in this issue is an interview with that teenage Videovore Johnny Dickie, the creator of the video era throwback trashterpiece SLAUGHTER TALES. Johnny did an interview for Spare Parts some time back, and, man, does this dude ever give a bad interview? Hell no, he doesn’t! And in this issue of CRIMSON SCREENS, you can learn about what REALLY scares ‘ol Dickie and his top three most wanted tapes! Well, almost…

This interview with Johnny MIGHT make you pee yourself. For many, many reasons.

CRIMSON SCREENS is pulsating with that genuine old-school zine feel, look and attitude. Black’s candor is truly awesome and entertaining, and his passion for all this stuff is readily apparent all throughout. If you don’t check out CS for its affection for the home video format, check it out for its veracious venting and nostalgic backbone. This is what homemade zines are made of!

Nuff'said. This image is from a mad groovy sticker that's been circulating for a while. DIG IT.

If you’re interested in saying hey to Edward (‘cause he loves the same kind of stuff we do!), you can send him an electronic slab-O-mail at CrimsonScreensGmailcom! And you can snatch yourself a copy (or just subscribe already!) RIGHT HERE. Tell ‘em LUNCHMEAT sent’cha, man!


Josh Schafer

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