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PHANTOM PAIN FILMS Unveils Their Newest VHS Re-Issue at Cinema Wasteland 2014 with the Lost Tapeworm Titles GOING HOG WILD and OIL IN L.A. in an Anti-Digital Double-Feature! Get Ready to Get all Sauced up and VHSlammed, Tapeheads!

One of the most utterly exciting aspects of the current analog revival is the reemergence of so many “lost” and underrated SOV cinematic trashterpieces. Louis Justin and his Massacre Video label most famously brought Chester N. Turner’s TALES FROM THE QUADEAD ZONE and BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL back from the grave, the analog-affirming Kleavage Zine helped slip the SOV treat TOPLESS ARMWRESTLING into VCRs again after who knows how long, and now, PHANTOM PAIN FILMS is going off the proverbial top rope and reviving TWO analog obscurities in double-feature format that would otherwise be buried under a mountain of Creamed Corn and Chocolate Sauce: the long-thought-to-be-lost former Tapeworm titles GOING HOG WILD and OIL IN L.A. Read on, my fellow analog addicts, and get ready to slip and slide your way into a makeshift ring oozing with hams and slams…


This title screen! Why is there quotation marks around going? Is that like a euphemism or something? I bet it is.

LM: Refresh our magnetic memories about PPF. This is your first release in a little while, right? MDW: Phantom Pain Films kicked off this time last year with a limited edition clamshell VHS release of the killer kid flick DEVIL TIMES FIVE (1974). I put the movie on Devil red VHS tapes and had original color artwork commissioned for the sleeve. That has been Phantom Pain Film's only VHS release so far, but I did open Future Video, a pretty bitching VHS pop-up shop, in Cleveland this past August to coincide with a screening of ADJUST YOUR TRACKING.


One of the bellicose babes gettin' ALL SAUCED UP for a bout in GOING HOG WILD! They're gonna need a bigger ladle!

These titles are totally bonkers and I love it. Why'd you go for these titles? I never forgot about VHS, though, and always knew I would put something else out when the right title(s) came around. Those titles just happened to be GOING HOG WILD and OIL OF L.A. from the long defunct Tapeworm Video. I was introduced to HOG WILD a couple years ago by a friend who had had the sense to dub a copy for himself years ago when he rented it blindly one night. They truly are amazing and exist in a, "Holy shit, what the fuck am I watching?" part of VHS history. What was more interesting to me though is I could find nothing on them online at all. There were no reviews, no IMDB, no box image, nothing. The only time I ever heard them mentioned was in an article of the 'zine Tape Mold profiling Tapeworm Video. It mentioned thousands of copies supposedly being made when the tapes were released in the late '80s, but nothing else. After viewing them I made it my mission to track copies down and somehow acquire the rights. Fortunately, I was successful in both cases.


Some sleazy, slippery action from GOING HOG WILD! That wig is on there GOOD!

Badass! Can you give us the specs on 'em? How many are happening? To best honor these wonderful pieces of 80s oddball SOV low-budget insanity I've decided for the VHS to be a double feature of GOING HOG WILD and OIL OF L.A. There will only be 50 copies produced and the release features original artwork by John G, one of the co-author's of the Lake Eerie Monster comic series. I will have copies available at Cinema Wasteland this coming weekend and copies are currently available for pre-order at the Phantom Pain Films webstore at our Official Webstore.


A peek at the full design for the upcoming analog assault! Loose puppies? UGH. NOISH.

Have you ever mud / syrup wrestled? If not, would you? I have never mud, syrup or oil wrestled but under the right influence I could probably be convinced to. Who my opponent was would factor in, too.


The original covers for these long-lost VHS trashterpieces! EXTRAORDINARILY RARE.

What's next in the pipeline for PPF? The future of PPF is looking pretty good. I've spent the last couple months handling a theatrical release for director Dustin Mills' micro-budget horror film SKINLESS which has received some great notices and attention. PPF also acquired the original artwork used for the DVD release of MERMAID IN A MANHOLE from the Guinea Pig Film series. With it, I created the first official Guinea Pig film's t-shirt which I will have for sale at Cinema Wasteland. I'm also in talks with a couple filmmakers right now regarding possible DVD releases and producing gigs.


A look at the very first official MERMAID IN A MANHOLE shirt. Epic, man. Grab yours RIGHT HURR.

Anything else you wanna shout out to all the Tapeheads out there? You can find out more on Phantom Pain Films and our releases at or visit our webstore at Don't forget to like us on Facebook to stay updated on all PPF news. And last but not least, thanks to all who have supported the company over the last year. It means a lot.

Hey, you got it, mang! As long as you keep churnin’ out radical chunks of video vindication, we’ll keep comin’ on back for more analog snacks! Speaking of, this GOING HOG WILD / OIL IN L.A. double-feature is just about as obscuro insano as it gets, my fellow Videovores, and trust me: this’ll be the only time you’re ever gonna get these two SOV knockouts in one slab o’ sleazy magnetic madness. So, if you can’t groove on down to Cinema Wasteland and wrestle a copy away from all the other Tapeheads vying for this slice of greazy glory, you can clickity-click on over the Phantom Pain Film’s Official Webstore and secure your slab today! DIG THAT!

Groove and Groove and MEAT WITH CREAM SAUCE.

Josh Schafer

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