Category_Collecting, Category_Groovy Stuff, Category_VHS - Remembers Video Store Glory with their PLEASE REWIND Limited Edition Lapel Pin featuring a Blockbuster Video Rental for The Burbs! PLUS, Pizza Press Soon Offers a Classic BE KIND, REWIND Smiley Face Pin!

We’ve got a couple more VHStocking stuffers for the all those Videovores on your list this year! This first piece comes from an outfit called Patti Lapel (I see what you did there, and I can dig it), and it celebrates one of the most iconic video stores of all-time in former rental fashion. Yeah, that’s right, Tapeheads: Patti Lapel and crew have finally found that copy of The Burbs you never returned and transformed that bad boy into a limited edition enamel pin!


The likeness is just too groovy, Tapeheads. And the fact that it's THE BURBS? VHS IS GOOD. VHS IS OUR PAL.

This soft enamel nickel lapel pin measures .8 x .4 inches, comes with a rubber clutch backing, and is limited to 200 pieces. You can grab one of these little beauties at for just 10 bones, man. This next pin isn’t quite available yet, but should be up soon from a company called Pizza Press. It’s been teased about on their Instagram (hence the photo!), and is said to be coming soon, so stay tuned to their site and their IG feed for updates on when you can stick this classic and essential video era maxim upon your chest (or wherever you VHSee fit, man).


The BE KIND, PLEASE REWIND lapel pin coming VHSoon from Pizza Press.

And don’t forget, Tapeheads! You can get a piece of Lunchmeat Land delivered straight to your door by grabbing our newest Limited Edition enamel pins, too! The I BELIEVE IN VHS and HEART ON FOR VHS pins are limited to just 100 pieces each and absolutely essential to the tacit expression of any Tapehead! So don’t delay, dude. Once these are gone, they is VHiStory. Grab 'em HERE.


There they are, man! HEART ON FOR VHS and I BELIEVE IN VHS limited edition enamels gonna do you rewind right! DIG 'EM HERE.

Groove and Groove and Express Your VHSelf.

Josh Schafer

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