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NIGHT WATCH ZINE Prepares to Unleash THE VHS ISSUE! Interview with Tallboy and Krusty and an Exclusive Sneak Peek at the Cover Art! DIG IT!

As the admiration for our favorite format seems to continually abound through an array of artistic representations across the rewind-inclined world, it only seems proper for that celebration to ooze its way into the realm of amazing low-brow illustration. Allow me to introduce you to the Night Watch Crew: the most bodacious duo of Tallboy and Krusty (who, in fact, is a totally rad CHICK!) who over the past few years, have been issuing independent zines chock full of jaw-dropping illustration creations and collaborating with some of the most fantastic and face-melting illustrators on the planet. Their newest issue is just about ready to rub one out right in your eye-sockets, spewing forth a killer collection of artists all paying titillating tribute to the almighty VHS. Read on, my fellow Videovores, and get ready for a crucial collection of illustrated video vindication….


NIGHT WATCH STUDIOS, DUDE! Krusty to left, Tallboy to the right. TOTAL BARF-O-RAMA, MAN!

For those unfamiliar folks out there, tell us about the origin of Night Watch Zine, and what you guys are all about. What kinds of cool stuff can people expect from Night Watch Studios? Tallboy: We started Night Watch as a cheap, but tangible way to spread around our favorite current art and artists. An early tagline we came up with was “BEER, BOOBS, & BARF!” I think after 3 years it still holds up! Krusty: It started at our favorite pizza shop in SD, California LUIGI’S... when you’re broke as Hell but stoked on art, pizza and beer… a zine is about the best damn outlet you and your friends can have! Now we have 11 issues under our belt and have had artists from all over the world contribute, and made a ton of new friends in the process! You can expect us to probably always put an issue out later than we think, but it never hits the press till it is killer and we plan to keep it that way!


The cover for Night Watch #1 by Tallboy. The Blood of Christ Compels You! TO PUKE, DUDE!

I believe you’ve done themes for the bulk of you zines? Can you share some of your favorites from the past to give us an idea of the flavors drippin’ from your rag? Any issue in particular that you’re way stoked on? TB: The first 2 issues were wildcards, but Issue 3 was “The Eyeball Issue” and we stuck with themed issues from there on out! Others include “Death”, “Puke”, “Tits & Ass” but my favorite Issue would probably be “The Space Issue”. Lots of great cosmic crap in that one! Krusty: It’s super hard to pick a favorite because the artists who contribute are so damn hard working and talented and really kill every issue... BUT mine might be the Fantasy Issue. I love magical shit, and that issue has every kind of magical force you can think of!


The cover for Night Watch #9 - The Fantasy Issue! I can attest, man: this issue WILL totally blow your gourd! So killer. Artwork by YAIA.

Your upcoming issue (#11) is themed all around VHS. Why did you want to dedicate an issue of NW to these almighty slabs of analog? What is it about the VHS format that really gets your gears churnin’? TB: “The Movie Issue” just doesn’t sound that cool, and we have a pretty decent VHS collection. Plus it kind of narrows the playing field down to a specific era of movies, which I believe to be the best! VHS has been there for me from finding sketchy unmarked porno tapes, to watching and re-watching all my favorite skate videos. I really like the shape, the mechanics, and the packaging of VHS tapes; it makes it feel like you actually own something. It’s like the movie is its own souvenir! Krusty: There was unlimited possibility of inspiration for this issue! Inside and outside of 70’s/80’s VHS is so good, even when it’s bad! Inside is the very best (and worst) special effects, back when it was actually a craft to make the blood, monsters, space ships, gore, explosions, etc. and the covers are oftentimes some of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! ... You just don’t get that shit on blu-ray!!!


You VHSaw it here first, Videovores! The killer cover art for NW #11 - The VHS Issue! Amazing Illustration by Zach Taylor!

Do you have any favorite or influential tapes you wanna give a VHShout out here in Lunchmeat Land? You know it’s always welcome roun’heah! TB: Most influential porno tape: THE BEST OF BUTT FUCKING Most influential skate video: WELCOME TO HELL Best Special effects: THE THING (80s) Favorite Movie: THE TOXIC AVENGER Honorable mention: STREET TRASH, BASKET CASE, CLIFF ‘EM ALL Krusty: I’d have to give a shout out to one of my best friends Roxanne. She inducted me into the world ‘B Horror’ VHS with Boarding House, Redneck Zombies, and Rabid Grannies …. life has never been the same since! And shout out to Legend - I’ve watched that fucking VHS so many times I can’t even count! I’m not sure if there is some strange attraction to Tim Curry in that devil costume or what?! And shout out to anyone who can tell me what song is playing on the record player in Paranoia when the brother and sister are trying to drive Carroll Baker crazy, because I have wasted countless hours trying to figure that out!

Bieck VHS

A sample page from Night Watch #11 The VHS Issue featuring the radical work of Pat Bieck! That's one helluva party, man!

When and where can we pick up the VHS issue from you guys? How do we stay up on all your killer creations? TB: The VHS Issue will be available on our online store Friday January 29th. Also that same night we will be selling them at Beautiful World Records in South Philly. We got wholesalers all over, too. There’s a list on our website. Krusty: Yah, what Tallboy said! You can also join our mailing list on, and I will send you emails about all the cool stuff that’s coming up!


Another sample page from The VHS Issue celebrating Cronenberg's THE FLY! Ooey-gooey excellent, indeed.

What’s next for Night Watch? Can you give us a whiff of any groovy projects in the works? TB: We want to release an anthology book of the first 10 issues, but we’ve gotta find the money first, ha! Look out for more hand screen printed posters and zines coming soon! Krusty: Glow-in-the Dark, Glitter, Black light and more!

NightWATCH_VHS_pinA totally killer VHS enamel pin created by Night Watch Studios! VHStick in on ya, Tapeheads. RIGHT HERE.

Anything else you wanna say to all the Videovores here in Lunchmeat Land?! TB: WHAT’S IN THE BASKET??? Krusty: “There’s shitheads, assholes and us. Stay away from the shitheads and the assholes” -My Uncle Kenny

Wise words from Uncle Kenny, eh, Tapeheads!? You know we can dig it. The Night Watch VHS Issue drops on Friday, the 29th, so be sure to groove on over to the Official Night Watch webstore and snag that rag for an incredible collection of VHS-themed illustration, man! OR! If you’re in the Philly area on Friday the 29th, come on out and drink a few brews, reel in some slabs of analog insanity and totally party down with Tallboy, Krusty and yours truly at Beautiful World Syndicate in South Philadelphia! We’ll be there hangin’ loose and we’d loOooOove to slap ya a hi-five while we groove until the anti-digital dawn, man! Hope to VHSee ya there, Videovores!

Groove and Groove and Initiate Fusion VHSequence, man.

Josh Schafer

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