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Newly Formed Fresh VHS Label Nemesis Video Dishes out Analog Editions of DRILLER KILLER, UNSANE and an Ultra-Limited Edition of the Italian Imitation Insanity that is SHOCKING DARK! DIG IT!

Michigan-based Nemesis Video main brains Rob and Sean are two radical dudes with an utterly analog attitude and a passionate penchant for video vindication. Their brand spankin’ new fresh VHS outfit is already on their third slab of magnetic magic, an ultra-limited edition of Bruno Mattei’s insano rip-off riot SHOCKING DARK, with two primo packaged public domain classics preceding it. These dudes are all charged up to provide the ever-growing Videovore population with the chance to grab some analog essentials at a nice price with some dope presentation, and unleash some of their own magnetic material on newly dubbed slabs of anti-digital delight to help feed the flame of the perpetually spreading analog adulation. Crack open that can of Surge from 1997, grab a Big Bomb Burrito and fire up that VCR, Tapeheads. Nemesis Video is here and ready to rewind on to groovy times…


The Nemesis Logo and the two bodacious boneheads behind the analog awesomeness.

LM: Tell us about beginning of Nemesis Video and the impetus to start it up. What inspired you to start putting out flicks on VHS? Have you done any kind of creative outlets / productions before? NV: We started Nemesis Video to release movies we like and to release original content from us/others. We like having the ability to provide people who are just getting into tape trading and collecting that want to watch those rare titles without having to pay the expensive price tags for some of the more sought after titles while also providing a collector’s item. We were inspired to do VHS because it brings us back to a time when we rented stuff we probably shouldn't have been watching as little kids. Complete with the green horror and be kind rewind stickers, we want it to look like it came off that video store shelf. We've filmed short projects in the past that have never been released (for the most part) and we've been hosting a weekly comedy podcast for about two years now.


The super-limited analog edition of the rip-off trashterpiece SHOCKING DARK. I need your clothes, your boots and your VCR.

You’re already on your third release (which is wicky-wild!), the Bruno Mattei sci-fi rip-off flick SHOCKING DARK. Why go for this flick, and how did you come to work with it? What were the other two releases? I must have missed them! SHOCKING DARK is one of the coolest things we've ever seen. Do you like ALIENS? How about THE TERMINATOR? Wanna watch an Italian mash up/rip-off of both in half the time? SHOCKING DARK is perfect for you. We basically wanted to release this because we've seen shitty DVD bootlegs going for ridiculous prices for years and we think everyone needs to see it for a fraction of the price. Our first two releases were DRILLER KILLER and UNSANE (AKA TENEBRE) released on blood red tapes and limited to 25 each. Obviously there are other releases of these two public domain movies, so we wanted to make sure to put out the coolest product we could with color tapes and full color face and spine labels. A copy of UNSANE can go for a reasonable price but the Magnum release of DRILLER KILLER can go for quite a bit at times, so we wanted people to be able to experience the film without forking over tons of cash for a copy. We basically want to put out the coolest releases we can.


A look at the limited analog edition for DRILLER KILLER. Lookin' SMOOTH, dudes.

Can you tell us a little bit about each release? How many were made, who put together the artwork, any extras, etc.? Each limited release will have an initial run of 25 on color tapes, include a mini poster and be hand-numbered. We will also be doing a series of one and done releases which are limited to 10-15 and also hand-numbered. We try to keep the artwork as original as possible because that's what made these movies so memorable in the first place. We will tweak things here and there. Our original content releases will have completely original art. As far as extras go, we like to pack in some extra freebies. If you order a tape from us you'll also receive a bonus tape… For example, a tape on why you shouldn't talk to strangers or maybe a copy of BLOODFIST 3. Why? Just because.


Nemesis Video's limited edition of UNSANE complete with vintage video stickers for era authenticity. Damn, this looks dope.

Are you guys still collecting tapes? How long have you been grappling up the magnetic magic? Any favorite tapes / stuff you need? We are both avid collectors and have been for many years. We've been digging tapes out of sketchy flea markets and dusty basements for much of our 25 years on earth. Our favorite tapes are anything from Camp Video, Troma, to Rae Don. We need pretty much anything with blood or demon in the title. And GORE-MET ZOMBIE CHEF FROM HELL. We both need that. That box is ridiculous.


A rare pic of Stone Cold sporting his Nemesis threads. And nachos. Why? BECAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO. Duh.

What are your thoughts on the whole VHS resurgence? Pros? Cons? What do you have to say to the folks who are averse to fresh VHS production? We like how for the most part all the tape traders are pretty supportive of each other and generally want to help everyone get that copy of that must have movie for their collection. The only cons we can really think of about the VHS resurgence is that now people are starting to realize how much these movies can be worth and we can't just go to flea markets and pay a dollar for 10 movies all the time. The folks who are averse to fresh VHS production can still get their original tapes, but we like knowing that new stuff is being released all the time. Why wouldn't you want the thing you love to keep going?


Dubbin' and Dubbin' and Nachoin' and DUBBBBBBSSSS.

Okay, if you had to live in one movie forever, which one would it be? You can participate in the scenes, transport to any scene you wish at any time (and chill there on repeat if you wish), but you can’t change outcomes. THE GREAT BIKINI OFF-ROAD ADEVENTURE... Or THE ADVENTURES OF STUDMAN. We would both like to live in a world where we can each be Jack Riley: a mild-mannered reporter for "Babe" magazine by day... But we put those mild manners aside to become superhero Studman by night. We would be in one of the scenes where he's bangin' chicks on a motorcycle. Either together or separately. Doesn't matter… we're both Jack Riley. Three snacks / foods you can’t live without and your favorite beverage. 1. Pizza. Obviously. 2. Burritos 3. Zero candy bars For our favorite beverage it has to be Surge. Preferably in cans with WCW wrestlers on them. Or Crystal Pepsi. Mountain Dew Baja Blast is pretty good, too.



What’s next for Nemesis Video? Where’s the best place for us to keep up with you? We plan to continue releasing some of our favorite movies and our own personal creations. We are also hoping distribute some independent films for other people and collaborate on projects. Anybody can feel free to get in contact with us about getting their films released. We're pretty nice dudes and we won't fuck you. The best place to get in contact with us is at because we have links to all of our social media accounts on there. Anything else you’d like to shout out to all the Tapeheads eyeballin’ this blog? Our weekly podcast is a comedy show called Gersberms! (soon to change to The Midnight Society Podcast) where we watch episodes of Goosebumps (soon to be episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? because we're almost out of Goosebumps episodes) and review / make fun of / talk about 90s WWF. The show is definitely NOT kid friendly. We're gross. Even though we've been doing that for almost two years now, it's not too late to catch up. You can listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher. Look out for our upcoming original short "Killer Dude from Dimension Two". Shout out to all the Tapeheads in general. We’re thankful for the support we've already received in the very short amount of time we've been around. R.I.P. Thomas Video. We're going to miss you.

I think we’re all going to miss Thomas Video. And for those of you who haven’t heard, you can get caught up here. Though the mainstays of the OG video era may be folding due to the current state of mass movie consumption, it’s upstart companies like Nemesis and the steadfast fresh VHS entities that are sure to keep the analog dream alive and on the perpetual rewind. And that’s pretty groovy, man. Be sure to groove on over to the Nemesis Video Facebook and give them some love, and clickity-click on over to their Official Webstore to grab yourself a slice of Nemesis brand of anti-digital excellence.

Groove and Groove and Be Nice to Your Brother.

Josh Schafer

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