HELVETE VIDEO to Re-Issue NEKROMANTIK on Limited Edition VHS! Click for Pre-Order Details and Preview Images!

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HELVETE VIDEO to Re-Issue NEKROMANTIK on Limited Edition VHS! Click for Pre-Order Details and Preview Images!

Jorg Buttgereit’s 1987 film NEKRomantik embodies the art of cinematic transgression. It’s raw, arresting, unusually beautiful and abundantly shocking imagery / subject matter has it firmly cemented in the annals of extreme and indelible cult cinema. Many Tapeheads are likely aware of the much coveted original Film Threat VHS release of NEKRomantik, which is indeed a VHSexy slab both for aesthetic and historical reasons, but is also apt to cost you an arm and leg. That prohibitive collector-driven price tag has stopped many Videovores from feeding an official release of this flick to their VCR. Nascent fresh VHS label Helvete Video is ready to remedy that rewind-inclined problem. Starting tonight (9/30/16) at 8PM EST, Helvete Video will open the pre-orders for the official limited edition VHS re-issue of Jorg Buttgereit’s cult classics NEKROmantik, complete with a limited-to-25, fully stacked boxset. CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER, and read on for all the official details and preview images, directly from Helvete Video:




Cover A to the left, and Cover B to the right for the soon-to-hit-your-VCR limited VHS release of NEKROMANTIK from Helvete Video. BRINGITTTTTT.



NEKROMANTIK, Jorg Buttgereit. 1987. VHS release, Helvete Video. Limited to 175 copies. 3 variant covers, (2 standard, 1 boxset.) Release date for preorder: September 30th. Street/Ship date: October 31st.

CLICK EACH ENTRY TO VIEW / PRE-ORDER! Cover A: Variant cover VHS, limited to 75 copies, numbered. Price: $30 Cover B: Variant cover VHS, limited to 75 copies, numbered. Price: $30 Cover C: Variant cover VHS boxset, limited to 25 copies, signed & numbered by Jorg Buttgereit, 5 print set, and limited edition shirt. Price: $100




A peek at the art for the NEKROMANTIK VHS boxset. Toungin!



When Helvete Video main brain Parker Richardson was asked why he wanted to re-animate this sordid slice of cinema on almighty analog, here’s what he had to say… "The films of Jorg Buttgereit have been very influential on my life as a collector. His films are very iconic for both being artistic and disturbing, on a very underground level budget. As a diehard fan of Buttgereit, it is an absolute honor to have the chance to release NEKROMANTIK. I strived to make these as unique as possible to any other previous release, as well as make them desirable from a collector's standpoint. The boxset will be jam-packed with exclusive goodies that will not disappoint. This is the launch title for my new label Helvete Video. Helvete is something I've wanted to do for a long time, and when I was approached about NEKROMANTIK, I jumped at the opportunity. NEKROMANTIK is the first of many underground classics to come to Helvete Video. This release is something I've poured a lot into, and I hope the fans are as excited as I am about it. A big thank you to Lunchmeat for the write up!"




The exclusive thread that come with the NEKROMANTIK VHS boxset from Helvete. Red means yer dead, Fred.





Thank YOU, Parker, for bringing this fantastic piece of cinematic insanity back to tape. We here in Lunchmeat Land VHSalute you!


Groove and Groove and Do It the Way You Like.





Josh Schafer

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