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NECRONOMICON FANZINE conjures up the love for VHS in the UK!

Howdy, Videovores! Jacob AKA Uncouth here to hip you to an awesome UK based horror fanzine I recently stumbled across in my frequent journeys through the weirdness. I’m a huge fan of print zines (hence my contributions to Lunchmeat!) and I’m always on the prowl for new ones... or... in this case... ones that are new to me!

A prime example of the amazingly DIY covers for NECRONOMICON!! Dig that cut and paste smack in the face!!

Necronomicon Fanzine has been in publication since way back in 2001! Currently on issue 23, the zine’s creator Necro Neil, has been pumping out the issues much more frequently, which is pretty remarkable. Usually zines start strong and sort of vanish as time progresses. Not so with Necronomicon. As the years have wound on, the zine has only gotten stronger, and better written.

A super-groovy retro ad for NECRONOMICON featuring Necro Neil posing as some form of classy horror forecaster: "And for today, lots of blood, boobs and beasts. It's a great day to die!"

The zine covers all manner of obscure horror flicks. From old school hard to find VHS tapes (the UK has yet to suffer the wrath of Netflix so video stores still exist there!), to newer indie flicks, Necronomicon has something to offer the bulk of horror fans. Put together in a collage cut and paste style, the zine feels like something unearthed from your uncle’s secret stash. The reviews themselves are generally brief, conversational, and often hilarious. Honestly I’m not a big fan of long drawn out reviews. I’ve always preferred reviews that get to the point and tell my why I should or shouldn’t check out a flick. Detailed plot synopses are a waste of space in my opinion. Infusing personal anecdotes, the articles feel more like some dude hanging out in your place telling you about cool flicks and fun times, which is what watching funky flicks is all about.

A sample of what lurks inside NECRONOMICON: Sweet review of THE SLAYER and some ROB ZOMBIE action.

The zines are pretty cheap, too. They sell for £1 which equals $1.63 US, plus shipping. It’s a better deal to buy a few at a time as the shipping is about $3 for one and then $0.80 for each additional zine. Besides, by the time you read one, you’ll be hungry for more. I know I was. The fact that this zine has lasted for over a decade is a testament to the staying power of print with niche audiences that appreciate it. Sure, Time, The Washington Post and just about every magazine out there is failing miserably, but print mags directed to passionate folks are doing just fine and will live on after all the chain book stores close and all major publications move to digital formats which will in turn snuff out the industry. I foresee a future where 90% of folks don’t read a damn thing. There is something lost in holding a cold mechanical device and reading from it. You can’t smell the pages, feel the weight or rub your fingers along the grain of a digital copy. It’s just cold, sterile, and easily pirated. Lunchmeat, Necronomicon, Crimson Screens, Paracinema and a plethora of other magazines are proof that print is not dead. It’s just dead among dolts. Long Live VHS and Long Live Print!

And dig this: Necro Neil clues his readers in on his VHS tattoo. Too groovy, mang. The VHS captures everything we love, too, Neil!!

For more information about Necronomicon Fanzine head on over to the website: Buy a couple of zines here, too: and why not check ‘em out on Facebook? Uncouth

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