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Museum of Arts and Design VHS retrospective creates an authentic video rental store as Grand Finale! And no late fees! Dig it!

Over the past few months, The Museum of Arts and Design in New York has hosted a nostalgic retrospective on the VHS format. Spearheaded by Matt Desiderio of Horror Boobs and Blood Video along with collaboration with an army of other VHS fanatics including Dan Kinem and Levi “Dabedoo” Peretic from VHShitFest, Mark Freado, Jr. from Spectacle Theater and, of course, yours truly, VHS culture, appreciation and celebration has been abounding within MAD’s walls and spilling out onto the streets as a result. We’ve presented VHS-era films with Q&As, crazy found VHS footage collections, presentations on the impact VHS aesthetics on modern art and even a “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” workout session which employed actual vintage exercise videos. Man, too groovy! To culminate the program, MAD is hosting a fully-functional video store (that means you can watch the tapes there, and rent them for home use!) loaded with video-era essentials: amazing cover art, eye-grabbing promotional posters and even a small army of vintage standees! The Video Store will be up and running from August 2, 2012 through select dates until August 18th. Get all the info you need HERE! And for the Videovores out there that aren’t able to visit this incredibly groovy time machine, here are some images taken from the stacks and racks along with the official commercial advertisement! Groove on, Videovores. Groove on.

MAD video contributors Matt Desiderio and Jarrod Labine peruse the racks for some analog awesomeness!

Katrina Basillo of Horror Boobs admires the selection with a vintage standee for SPACED INVADERS making a sweet cameo!

Matt ready to go toe-to-toe with Sly and his Mom. Who needs a gun? KICK 'EM IN THE NARDS! KICK 'EM IN THE NARDS!

Another view of the set-up featuring the in-store viewing section! PHANTASM rockin' the TV set! Clickity-click the image to view the totally groovy MAD Video Advertisement and laugh your ass off! VHS is not a dead format!

Josh Schafer

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