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VHSculpture for the Ages: MONOLITH by David Herbert!


Crafted in 2005 by David Herbert, here is an amazing (and huge!) sculpture entitled Monolith, which recreates the cassette for the MGM / UA video release of Kubrick’s classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. What an extremely appropriate title for this piece, right?


Made using foam, plexiglass and latex paint, this bad boy measures a whopping 2x4x8 feet! Imagine this thing your living room! What a conversation starter! The attention to detail is outstanding, and the fact that he hand painted all of the lettering on the front of the cassette is too cool.


One thing I did notice: he was unkind and didn’t rewind! Perhaps it’s some sort of underlying message within the work? Maybe not . . . it probably has something to do with the weight distribution of the sculpture. Either way, this thing is fantastic in every sense of the word! Unfortunately, I don’t think this one’s up for grabs to display in your abode, but you can give David a shout and tell him you dig it if you so desire; and also be sure to check out his other way groovy sculpture creations at - Josh Schafer (7.18.11)


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