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MONDO Unleashes Two New Slabs of Video Vindication at Texas Frightmare Weekend with MS.45 and THE VISITOR Released in Big Box Format with Randomly Inserted Colored Tapes!

Mondo Releasing has engraved their brand into the minds of the collector circuit en masse with their lush movie poster prints of cult classics along with their deluxe OST vinyl releases. Most recently, though, a deluge of homage merchandising for Kubrick’s horror opus THE SHINING and the much lauded George A. Romero collab with fresh action figure heavy hitters Retroband have collectors in a frenzy to get their claws on these limited edition entities. But it’s their recent analog adventures into VHS re-issues that have Videovores diggin’ deep into their pockets for fresh VHS glory. Releases like BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW, BLUE SUNSHINE and the recent clamshell encased home video re-issue of Franck Khalfoun’s MANIAC remake have Tapeheads abuzz about the analog slabs coming out of the Mondo compound. And now, they have two more slices of video vindication premiering at Texas Frightmare Weekend in a big box fashion with their signature randomly inserted colored shells. Here’s a look at the specs for each release, along with nice look at the actual releases:

MS. 45 VHS Artwork by Jay Shaw Edition of 500 Copies On Black Cassette & randomly inserted White Cassette


A look at the MS.45 big box from the front. I spy an old-school video rental genre sticker on thurrr.


A look at the randomly inserted white variant. Dig the tray, mang.

THE VISITOR VHS Artwork by Jay Shaw Edition of 500 Copies On Black Cassette & randomly inserted Orange Cassette


THE VISITOR also gets the big box treatment from Mondo. Groovy colors, mannnnnn.


The standard black and randomly inserted orange. Vintage rental stickers? I can dig it.

Well, the pictures sure do look analog awesome, as is to be expected from Mondo and their consistently top-notch productions. It leaves the question of what’s next for Mondo’s line of re-animated magnetic magic. Personally, I’d like to see them dig deep to the more obscure treats, not just to re-introduce some cult classics on the VHS format, but reignite a cult film flame that might otherwise never see the light of day. That very well may never happen, as cult classic stuff does seem to be Mondo’s forte. So, in accord with their spirit, may I suggest THE GATE or perhaps MOTHER’s DAY?! Time will tell, and I’m sure Videovores across the analog landscape are eager to drink up the spill. I know I am.

Gratitude to Kass Martin for helping me navigate the labyrinth that is the internet.

Groove and Groove and Do it with Attitude.

Josh Schafer

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