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Mike Hartman and Silver Bullet Pictures Prepare to Invade Your VCR with Their Upcoming Outer Space Creature Feature CHUBBIES Unleashed on Limited Edition VHS Just In Time for Cinema Wasteland!

The more fun-loving movie maniacs and Troma-tized Tapeheads out there are apt to be familiar with indie film ace Mike Hartman. Flicks like the gut-busting rock n’ roll comedy Heavy Mental and the absolutely bonkers Blood Orgy at Beaver Lake both exemplify Mike’s pleasantly perverted and radically ridiculous style of filmmaking that has the power to make people pop low-budget boners everywhere. And now, he’s just completed a brand-spankin’ new creature flick that takes cues from cult classics like Critters and Ghoulies, but slathers these little space freaks with a luscious layer of lascivious intent as they try to butt-bomp the entire planet one bowling alley at a time! Sound groovy? You bet your balls, mang. And it’s cu… uh… coming into a VCR near you within a matter of weeks. Read on, my fellow Videovores, and prepare your analog-lovin’ ass for a most excellent invasion of Chubbies…


There he is! Mike just hangin' loose in one of his favorite spots!

It’s been a little while since we talked with you, duder! For the uninitiated, can you tell us a bit about Silver Bullet Pictures, and your home video Label Autumn Entertainment? Hey, Josh! Silver Bullet is busy as ever! We're currently in production on a feature film by Nate Rumer (who played Wendell in Chubbies) called Fangboner and we’ll be starting production on the sequel to Blood Orgy at Beaver Lake, entitled Beaver Lake Holocaust this summer. The Chubbies VHS are hot off the presses and we will have a limited edition run of 50 copies, all hand numbered for our premiere at Cinema Wasteland on April 10-12. As for AHE, we have 3 titles that we're getting ready to release this year. These titles will be the analog awesomeness to fill your Tapehead needs!


A look at the VHS and DVD for CHUBBIES! And those shades! It's a little blurry 'cause Mike knows how to party, dude.

VHStoked to see what you guys whip out next, man! Your newest film is Chubbies which is coming out on Limited Edition VHS this upcoming Wasteland. Tell us what Chubbies is all about, mang. Chubbies a throwback 1980's creature feature in the style of Ghoulies or Critters that was a collaboration between myself and writer/co-star Brian Papandrea (who actually portrays 14 different characters in the film!). It's about a these little sex-driven creatures who come to Earth to hump their way to global domination. They lock themselves into a bowling alley where a group of high school kids are throwing a party and fight their way to survive their anal penetration! It's a Halloween /space epic that you've never seen before! Also, there's a cameo by the great Lloyd Kaufman as Ronald Reagan… so need I say more?!


The totally retro-radical logo for CHUBBIES. For some reason, this makes me really hungry. I think I'm always hungry. Peep the trailer RIGHT HERE, duder.

Certainly not! I’m sold! How was the process of making the film? I know you’re a total DIY or DIE kind of guy… We shot the film in two parts - the first was at Gerlach's bowling center in Lapeer, Michigan. The owner was kind enough to let us film after close for five nights until the morning, so a LOT of Adderall was in use! The second part was all the space stuff which we filmed in our studio in Royal Oak, Michigan. And for the space shit, it was super easy because as Brian Papandrea played all the characters on planet Snerd, he only needed to play with himself, which is what he's used to, so it worked out! And by that I mean he jerks off. A LOT! Seriously, acting aside, it was hard to get him away from his own dick. Real hard. Heat seeking. Oh, Christ… I'm starting to sweat.


A butt-slime soaked still from CHUBBIES! Look at those little suckers slime their way across the table. Gross!

You’re doing a few releases for it, including a Limited Edition VHS and Vinyl. Can you give us the specs on those? Slasher Dave did the original score and the artwork, I believe? Yes. The VHS is really cool! Like I said prior, all 50 will be hand numbered and are on orange video cassette tapes. They will also have the short film Afro-Zombies after the movie, which is a short blaxploitation-zombie faux trailer that Papandrea made a few years back. Slasher Dave did all the art work for the Chubbies DVD. For the VHS we used our teaser cover for it, which Dave also did. The vinyl soundtrack will be out in May from Bellyache Records, the same company who put out his previous solo albums.


Another (more sober) look at the awesome art for CHUBBIES by the one and only Slasher Dave! So fun, dude.

Where’s the best place to grab these slabs, mang? Besides at the multiple conventions we are scheduled to be at like Cinema Wasteland, you can purchase them from We also have some pretty rad Chubbies shades in a neon green or Halloween Orange that you can purchase on the site, as well. What’s next for you, mang? Where can we keep up with you? Fangboner is where it's at right now! Just keep checking our Silver Bullet Pictures Facebook and website for more info as it comes. Anything else you wanna shout out to all the Tapeheads in Lunchmeat Land? Just thank you for your continued support and know that we here at SILVER BULLET PICTURES will keep making the movies you wanna see as long as you wanna see it... and long after!

You KNOW we can dig it, Mike! As you can likely deduce from the interview, Mike is one radical dude with a major heart on for randy, rollicking, and fun-as-hell indie cinema. The limited edition Chubbies VHS will be available FIRST at the upcoming Cinema Wasteland show (check out the deets HERE), and if there’s any VHSexy slabs left to go around, they’ll be up for the grabbin’ on The Official Silver Bullet Pictures Website. Oh, and don’t forget to snatch up a pair of those bitchin’ shades, mang. They just might get you laid! I mean, shit... it couldn't hurt!

Groove and Groove and Climb the Rope in Gym Class.

Josh Schafer

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