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Massacre Video Teams Up with Horror Boobs to Re-Animate the Carl J. Sukenick SOV Trashterpieces ALIEN BEASTS and MUTANT MASSACRE 2 with a Fresh VHS Re-issue and Limited Edition DVD on Deck! DIG IT!

The lust among collectors for Carl J. Sukenick's scarce slice of utter SOV insanity Alien Beasts is getting VHSteamy, Tapeheads. A recent online auction exemplifies at least one or two people's burning anti-digital desire to possess this particular slice of DIY of magnetic magic (along with Sukenick’s Mutant Massacre 2) and get an unreal glimpse into Sukenick’s decidedly unique and indescribable shot-on-video vision. But the high-flying auctions and steady VHSearching are apt to soon cease. That’s right, Tapeheads: the cult film saviors at Massacre Video and those mammary movie lovin’ video vindicators at Horror Boobs Video are in motion to bring back Carl's crazy concoctions of independent insanity to both VHS, and for the first time, a legit limited edition DVD (if you're into that sort of thing!). Read on, my fellow Videovores, and let Massacre Video Main Brain Louis Justin lay down all the analog exciting details, mang…


The totally killer title card for ALIEN BEASTS. This is SOV Glory.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you found Carl and started to talk about his movies? What was his reaction when you told him you wanted to re-release Alien Beasts and some of his other material? A friend of mine of mine Tim Jenkins (aka Shagrat), who has done some great VHS covers for Massacre Video, had told me about Alien Beasts and how bizarre/interesting it was. I tracked down a bootleg copy of it and watched it. I was expecting some typical low budget SOV fair, but instead I got one of the most odd viewing experiences I've ever had. Alien Beasts was a film that stuck in my head and kept me intrigued about what I had just watched. I wanted to know who Carl J. Sukenick was, if all of the footage I was watching was via an earth security camera and if he REALLY did defeat the enemy terrorist from Iran. The whole getting into contact with Carl was the job of Matt D. (of Horror Boobs). I had been talking about Alien Beasts to various film fans/collectors. Carl actually used to be a customer at a video store Matt worked at and the store rented some of Carl’s other films. Carl's reaction was great once we finally got into contact with him, first by mail then by phone. He is really excited there will be a bigger release of his films. He told us his main desire is for people to simply see his films and he is excited we are providing an outlet where a lot of people can. We met with Carl this past weekend and shot some interview footage with him. We even met some of the cast of his other films; it was a truly unique experience.


The ALIEN BEASTS resurrection crew! From L to R: Matt D., Carl J. Sukenick and L.J.

Alien Beasts is a tough tape to find, and is much coveted by collectors. Can you tell us a little bit about the flick itself? Why do you think Tapeheads are droolin’ over this tape, man? Alien Beasts is a film that would be hard to describe. It comes off as a very experimental piece of video art. But the story is the main character, played by Carl, is attempting to defeat enemy agents from Iran and invading alien enemies. The original tape was sold via Fangoria and some other mail order outlets via Carl when he lived in Florida. They are printed side loaders; our buddy Ross was nice enough to scan us them to use for the artwork. I personally do not have pre-records of Alien Beasts or Mutant Massacre Part 2 in my collection. I would love to one day add them, but no way I would pay $300+ for them. I guess it’s my old fashion nature with tapes... Why are Tapeheads drooling over it? Well, it's the popular tape of the moment. That’s something that fluctuates every few months. Carl and his movies are getting some buzz, so the price of his films will naturally rise.


One of the most celebrated stills in ALIEN BEASTS. Low-budget brilliance at work.

Tell us about the release you guys will be doing. VHS and DVD? Limited? Any other specs? When do you think it’ll be available? The DVD will be a double feature of Alien Beasts and Mutant Massacre Part 2. According to Carl, Alien Beasts is the sequel to Mutant Massacre Part 2...but Mutant Massacre Part 2 appears to be made significantly after. There is also a Mutant Massacre 1, but the original version is lost. The only available version is one with re-cut footage from Carl's other films... we are currently trying to locate the master for Mutant Massacre 1. As far as release specs, we will be doing a VHS of both films with artwork by Shagrat and a standard DVD with reversible artwork (one side being Alien Beasts and the other being Mutant Massacre Part 2). The standard DVD will be strictly limited to 500 hand numbered copies. As far as supplements go, there will be a video introduction by special effects wizard Marcus Koch (100 Tears, Nikos the Impaler, Rot and many other films). While at Cinema Wasteland I was hanging out with Marcus and somehow Carl came up. He told me the story about how he bought his Alien Beasts VHS directly from him and he played it so much that it wouldn't play anymore! So it will be more so his personal account of experiencing these films. We also did a short interview with Carl and also he was kind enough to donate some of his short films to be featured on the disc, including some stuff that he said was “too hot” for one of his films!


Hotter than THIS?! A greatly gratuitous boobies scene in ALIEN BEASTS. Horror Boobs APPROVED!

Other than the fact that these films are really hard to find on a physical format, why else do you want to put these films back out there? Why do you think it’s important for people to see these films? The fact the tape is obscure, really has no bearing on me wanting to release it. It's really an odd piece of art from a truly unique artist. The mind is a beautiful thing and it’s really interesting seeing what Carl's mind creates. They are truly like no films I have ever seen before. We are trucking along with this release and it will be available very early 2015. The release will be sold via the Massacre website and the almighty DiabloikDVD!


Some groovy gore awaiting you in ALIEN BEASTS! Slice n' dice and RELAXXXXXX.

What’s next, man? What are you gettin’ me for Xmas?! Funny enough about Xmas - this release was originally intended to be released as an Xmas release... but it ended up taking a bit longer to finish than anticipated. But what am I going to get you? A really nice hat. SCORE! Thank you, dude! I needs it for my analog-lovin’ noggin! Anything else you wanna shout out to all the Tapeheads here in Lunchmeat Land? I guess just follow us on the various social network sites (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook). Just follow @massacrevideo - We have a packed 2015 and are putting out some great titles that won't want to be missed!

Yo, and take my tape-lovin’ word for it, Videovores: YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS. VHSeriously, this movie must be seen to be believed, and along with all of the killer extras in store, this release from Massacre Video and Horror Boobs promises to be absolutely analog amazing, mang. Don't delay! Be sure to follow Massacre and stay totally updated on this insano awesome release along with all their other jaw-dropping re-animations! You’ll be glad ya did! And stay tuned to these here Spare Parts as we’ll be talking with The BoobMaster General himself Matt D. once the release is just about ready to drop (probably in mid-January), and he’ll be unveiling peeks at the artwork, full extras and other intimate analog details of this crazy rad shot-on-video resurrection! YES!

Groove and Groove and Search for the VHStars.

Josh Schafer

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