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The fresh VHS tape train is steady rollin’ down that rewind-inclined track, Tapeheads, and the next slab coming down the line is a limited edition, indie-produced slice of lustful, leering maniac obsession entitled Malcom. Now locomotive-driven metaphors aside, Malcom is the creation of nascent indie outfit Nail Dit Productions, who has teamed up with the fellow Tapeheads at Retro Release Video to bring their slice of low-budget cinema to freshly produced slabs of glorious analog.


The limited edition VHS of Malcom is ready to roll as we VHSpeak and available HERE, but if you’re looking to get a bit more insight on the film’s production, the VHS edition, and the origin of Nail Dit Productions, we’ve gathered some words with Drew Watts, one of NDP’s main brains…




MALCOM on fresh VHS, presented in a sexy full-color slipcase. In Stereo, man.



Drew tells us, “ is a small production company based out of south Louisiana (Thibodaux/ pronounced Thib-ba-doe) composed of close friends who have a passion for horror and film of all genres. A few of us have attended film classes, one of us attending film school at UNO in New Orleans. Back in 2014 one of the directors (Brock) was inspired in one his classes to make his a film idea a reality, and we haven’t stopped since…” “Our first project was Curse Of The Bayou Moon (which is included on the Malcom VHS edition). Curse consisted of a 3-day shoot and all the music was scored by our talented friends who play in local music acts. Since this was our first real script and short, we decided to do a black and white silent film and see if we can actually convey some type of story line that showed the audience difference types of emotions as it progressed... Considering the $300 budget, the project came out much better than expected once it was all pieced together.” The original score for Curse of the Bayou Moon is available on cassette from Magnetic Magic Rentals by clicking HERE.



The CURSE OF THE BAYOU MOON cassette soundtrack from MMR, available HERE.


Drew continues, “A few months went by and two of the guys on our team (Brock and Dexter) got together to compose a script for our next short film Malcolm. This time we wanted to include dialogue, multiple settings (all local places of business we knew and were allowed to film in) and this time we paid two actresses (Manon Pages and Megan Few) to join the cast. One of our close friends (Mason Hitt) played the main part of Malcolm and again, our friends scored the whole movie minus the main songs that were crafted by some local southern Louisiana music acts.”



The NAIL DIT PRODUCTIONS logo brought to life via soft enamel pins! Stick it on ya HERE.


Why VHS for Malcom? Watts explains, “Since we are fans of collecting VHS and love nostalgic things, we thought what better way to release our films but on VHS format! We have worked with some insanely cool companies and artists aka Retro Release Video and Magnetic Magic Rentals, to make this VHS a reality.” You can grab the limited edition VHS version of Malcom RIGHT HERE, Tapeheads. So, what’s next for Nail Dit Productions? Watts explains, “Nail Dit Productions’ mission is to work with as many talented creators we can and support film and art/artists in any way possible. We will use our merch platform to pay for future films that give back to all you freaks and creeps! Currently we all have regular paying jobs and are building this brand as a team, and we’re determined. We actually just joined together with some more local filmmakers and friends to create a more diverse team with more original content for folks to enjoy…We have a slasher film project on the horizon, so stay tuned, everyone!”



A full look at the VHS release for MALCOM from Retro Release and Nail Dit. Looks like a LUNCHMEAT label peekin' out over there!


The Malcom limited edition VHS also comes with the exclusive short film Curse Of The Bayou Moon. The box art and dubbing were handled by the talented @retroreleasevideo. The edition also comes with a 12” x 18” movie poster along with exclusive Nail Dit Productions decals, all for $15.00. That’s a groovy deal, dudes! And all of your purchases go directly to funding future Nail Dit Productions projects, which of course, should all see radical fresh VHS releases. You know we can dig it. Grab the Malcom VHS release and other groovy rewind-inclined goodies on NDP’s official webstore by CLICKING HERE. Tell ‘em Lunchmeat sent ya, man!



Groove and Groove and Gim’me the Special.





Josh Schafer

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