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LUNCHMEAT Proudly Presents Exclusive World Premiere for the Official TUFF TURF – “Out on the Streets” Music Video Shot Entirely on VHS! Full Video and Pre-Order Info!

It’s time to hit the streets, Tapeheads! Lunchmeat is absolutely VHStoked to present an exclusive first look at the 100% shot-on-VHS official music video for “Out on the Streets” from nihilistic new wave outfit TUFF TURF hailing from Atlantic City, NJ. TUFF TURF is the 80s-obsessed retro new wave invention of Jeff Richie who shot the “Out on the Streets” music video direct-to-VHS using a vintage Panasonic AG-196 home video camera. “Out on the Streets” is the first single off of TUFF TURF’s upcoming album Hunger and Haunt, offering an audio / visual experience imbued with 80s analog authenticity featuring a pulsating bass line and haunting set of vocals that sinuously steer you through an endless night of murky, neon-lit hallucinations. Sounds most radical, right? Man, you know it. But don’t take our rewind word for it, Videovores. VHScroll on down and dive into the brand spankin’ new video for “Out on the Streets” from TUFF TURF! When asked why he chose to shoot the video strictly on VHS, Richie said, “VHS is a format that looks very good - IF you know how to color balance and light your scenes correctly. Most people downplay this format while not understanding its full potential. Typical.”


Jeff Richie AKA TUFF TURF with the Panasonic camcorder that made it happen. Radical, man.

Richie also champions the inherent aesthetics of analog video in contrast to its contemporary digital counterpart saying, “HD cameras have pretty much destroyed any semblance of atmosphere in modern music videos. Technique is nothing but failed style, right? Right.”


The original master VHS for "Out on the Streets" from TUFF TURF. Keep it Rewind Raw, dude.

As mentioned above, “Out on the Streets” is the first single off of TUFF TURF’s sophomore full length Hunger and Haunt available on 3/29/16 via American Scream Records. You can pre-order the pro-dubbed cassette on the TUFF TURF Bandcamp page, and the release comes with a poster, stickers, free admission to the TBA record release show plus a direct download of the full album (emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase). Digital copies are also available right now via the Bandcamp page, man! Stay tuned to the Official TUFF TURF Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as the Official American Scream Records site to keep up with all the radical rewind-inclined moves coming soon from TUFF TURF.

Groove and Groove and Walk the Night.

Josh Schafer

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