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LUNCHMEAT EXCLUSIVE! First Look at the Upcoming Limited Edition VHS Release for the Swedish Martial Arts / Comedy Flick KUNG FURY from NIGHTFORCE VIDEO!

Tapeheads inclined to enjoy the neo-retro 80s wave aesthetic may have caught on to the recently released and totally radical Swedish martial arts / comedy flick from David Sandberg called KUNG FURY, but if not, you can catch up on all of it’s outrageous hyperbolic action, bitchin’ VHS aesthetics and over-the-top campy comedy right HERE. Trust me: if you’ve never caught sight of this short film, clickity-click that previous link and get ready to experience some seriously spectacular and explosive indie film awesomeness. And now, thanks to the video vindicators over at Nightforce Video, you’ll soon be able to stick this bad ass piece of indie cinema straight into your VCR! Here’s a LUNCHMEAT EXCLUSIVE first look at the mock-up for the upcoming Limited Edition VHS from Nightforce!


Here' it is, Tapeheads! The first look at KUNG FURY from Nightforce Video! (NOTE: *May not represent final design*) We have to put that, but this looks totally awesome ,mang. Just sayin'.

Here’s the latest info on the upcoming analog release, straight from NFV HQ with more details and specs: “Nightforce Video is teaming up with Laser Unicorns in collaboration with Oskar Falk to bring Kung Fury to you on VHS! This release comes in a clam shell with a mini poster and art card and is limited to 175 copies and will be going on sale in the coming months. Check out the Nightforce Video Facebook page or website NightforceVideo.com for the latest information regarding the release! To clarify there will be 175 clams, 26 big boxes. Big boxes were exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign. The 175 clams are the only way to get this release if you didn't take part in the Kickstarter campaign, and this artwork is the estimated design for the clamshell release. The big box will look different. You heard ‘em, Videovores! Stay tuned to the Official Nightforce Facebook and their Official Website to stay updated on what will undoubtedly be a most excellent addition to your fresh VHS collection as it's lookin' VHSexy, indeed.

Groove and Groove and Stay in the 80s.

Josh Schafer

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