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LostWitch Releasing Enters the Realm of Fresh VHS with a Limited Edition of MONSTROSITY and Prepares to Unleash Some Analog On Deck with a Limited Edition of Andrey Iskanov’s NAILS! DIG IT!

After a rash reroute away from our favorite magnetic format, LostWitch Releasing co-pilot Adrian Jimenez has now fully returned to his rewind ways. He’s come home to these slabs of black plastic gold, revived his analog addiction and awakened an inspiration to share out some of his favorite flicks via VHS. Adrian along with his homie and ally in analog Joey Capps have already dispensed a pair of limited edition anti-digital slabs with their LostWitch brand, and are now in motion to bring your VCR yet another magnetic VHSnack with their upcoming home video edition of Andrey Iskanov’s Nails. Read on, my fellow Videovores, and learn why it’s always wise to come back to the rewind frame of mind…


The LWR logo. Witchy, man, Witchy.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, and the impetus to start up LostWitch Releasing? My name is Adrian or LostWitch Adrian. Along with Joey Caps I co-own and run LostWitch Releasing which is a very limited VHS label. The reason behind starting up was based off the fact of me leaving VHS behind and moving straight into a new format. The thought of, “I did start collecting and watching movies on VHS and maybe it’s time to check it back out” and it led me back into the addiction of it. The whole, “I need this; I need this and that! I already have that but let’s have another one!” started coming back! Even enough to have me go find my old VHS copies I had put away. Also, running into newer labels bringing old and new films back to VHS surprised me and interested me enough to bring my own ideas into a label to create something I dug. That and the artwork of old VHS covers.


A look at the now sold-out limited edition for MONSTROSITY. Get a glimpse RIGHT HURR.

Your first release was Monstrosity. Can you give us the VHSkinny on the flick? How you came to release it and how it was received? This was a limited edition of 20, I believe? And a portion was signed by the director? Yeah, the first release was Monstrosity from Kasper Juhl & Rose Milling. It’s basically Denmark’s version/homage to August Underground! The reason behind it being #1 to release was just, Kasper, he was the first to say basically, “I dig what you are doing, and <Monstrosity> belongs on VHS” which I do agree a lot of films (old and new) need to go backwards instead of forward to Blu-ray. I believe 5 were signed and by the time I put them up on the store, switched to Facebook to say, “They’re up!” I came back to the site they were sold out. The rest on the site sold that day!


The signed edition for MONSTROSITY which sold out immediately. Autographed Analog Engage, mang!

You’ve done a few other projects since then. Tell us a little about those, and why you were driven toward those particular films. How was the VHS Swap you recently attended? It looked like a ton of fun from the pictures! After Monstrosity, Daniel from Lo-Fi Video invited people to his 1st annual VHSWAP and I was just gonna go to support. I invited a director who I previously met and became friends with, who agreed to do a full release (at a later date). I decided why not just do some posters, flyers for his film and us, so people can check it out and know who we and who the director are. Then, I just thought why not a promo/exclusive tape very small amount of his film that we have coming out later to support him and support the new fest. Some people left with tapes, some left with just a flyer and I hung out with some cool people and that’s what it’s about for me. It’s a fun and artistic way to do what I like and support cool people!


Limited Edition Analog Excellence from LostWitch for THE LOS ANGELES RIPPER! VCRip it up, mang!

You know we can dig that, mang! You’re about to unleash a limited edition VHS for the film Nails. For the Videovores who are unfamiliar, give us the all the anti-digital details. Why did you go for this flick? First, I can say that without Joey Caps this and many other films would not be under LWR. I’am 80% positive LWR wouldn’t even be started. I dug it and applauded Joey for him going after it and having us do the official release! As for Nails, I could never grab a copy of the film prior, I never saw the film, but it was one I wanted to check out! However, I didn’t watch the film till I transferred it and I watched via VHS the first time and it stuck! The film is a very colorful, bright, gory, action/horror type film. If you see it on VHS it definitely gives you a different feeling from another release / format.


A look at the NAILS Limited Edition VHS being unleashed this Friday Nov. 28th, 2014! Dig it HURRR, mang.

Why do you want to put stuff on tape? What is it about the format that inspires you? Any particular companies / films / etc., that especially give you analog inspiration? I just remember copying anything and everything to VHS when I was a kid. Wrestling is on. Well, I’m not gonna just see it once! Nah… blank tape… hit record. I had tons of old recorded shows and even commercials I wanted. Now growing up and seeing films that I missed on VHS or came out later after VHS left as the main format for film releases, and I couldn’t grab the VHS (easily) or at all. I just thought, “What would this be like back then on VHS… let’s see.” As far as companies… tons and tons of companies, but the ones in particular who pushed me over thinking, “Well they brought this to the table. What if I brought what I dug? would people like it?” Vultra Video’s Ryan Nicholson box set was the first Neo-VHS I grabbed. Then of course Massacre Video… the titles coming out from those guys were and are still shocking and I thought, “Let me see if people dig stuff we think is cool!” We are collectors so we have tons of films and there are some that stick out on our shelves more than others; we want all ours sticking out on your shelf. Inspiration is based from video games to neo-VHS artwork and old VHS artwork to the film itself. All releases are unique. Everything is different. I like someone thinking, “I wonder what they’re gonna do before or after the film this time or what’s gonna come with it?!”


A closer look a that glorious green videocassette and the side spine for the upcoming NAILS VHS.

What’s next for you, mang? Where can we keep up with you? Tons of releases. Some I hope shock people the way I was shocked! I want you to bug me or Joey looking for our releases. As far as keeping up with us, like our page: The store is: Any questions E-mail us at Anything else analog-oriented you wanna shout out to all the Videovores in Lunchmeat Land? Support The Homies! Support Indie Filmmaking! Thanks for giving us a chance explain who we are and what we are up to!

Yo, we’re glad to have you hangin’ out and feedin’ us fresh VHS glory, mang! Support the homies 5EVA! Adrian and Joey Capps’ analog-lovin’ LostWitch imprint also just announced a collaboration with Plotdigger Films and 2012 Productions to bring you a most excellent analog edition of Ryan Nicholson’s gory cult riot Gutterballs! Dang, that RULES! Stay tuned to LWR’s Official Facebook and Online Shop for all the details on the release of Nails happening this Friday 11/28/14 and clickity-click that little Like button stay up-to-date on all of their video vindicating, analog-inclined action and anything else they decide to drop for all you Tapeheads out there. Oh, and watch this trailer, mang. You’ll dig it.

Groove and Groove and Hang out in the Basement.

Josh Schafer

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