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LM and Video Sanctum Team Up to Share Some Groovy Video Era Ephemera with a Full Look at a VCI Command Performances Catalog! Clickity-click and Flipity-Flip, Tapeheads!

Most of the Videovores who pay regular visits to Lunchmeat Land are likely familiar with the video vindicating supplier Benny Junko over at, but if not, be sure to check out this previously published interview on VS for some insight and essential info on the amazing amount of home video history they've uncovered! Through many years of uncovering essential (and not-so-essential!) slabs of video gold, Benny and his Video Sanctum brand also hit upon one of the biggest scores (and saves) of video history when he rescued an immense amount of video era products, promotions and assorted ephemera from former video rental and retail giant Audio / Video Plus, which was originally based in Houston, TX. We previously teamed up with VS to ask fellow Tapeheads to help us unwind a bit of magnetic mystery, but this time we’re back in analog association with Video Sanctum to share a fun and interactive piece of home video advertisement, offering up an online browse through a complete catalog of VCI Command Performances releases!

Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things US VCI VHS

The VCI Command Performance VHS release for CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS. Image courtesy of the too groovy Bruce Holecheck!

The CSPWDT release pictured above exemplifies the uniformly template-driven art (and therefore especially aesthetically attractive to certain collectors) which is associated with this particular subset of VCI releases. So, without any further analog ado, clickity-click and flipity-flip on through this piece of obscure advertisement ephemera supplied courtesy of Video Sanctum, man!

Groove and Groove and A/V Plus 5EVA.

Josh Schafer

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