Learn Some History on the Classic VHS Logo and The Man Who Helped Bring it to Life... Mr. Leo Weisz!

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Learn Some History on the Classic VHS Logo and The Man Who Helped Bring it to Life... Mr. Leo Weisz!

It is perhaps the most essential, ubiquitous and largely unconsidered item when it comes to the Videovore world: the classic VHS logo. Admittedly, it’s an easy thing to take for granted. I mean, it’s just about the aesthetic equivalent of a stop sign: it’s a symbol that has definite meaning and function, but is so commonly encountered, that applying any sort of artistic merit doesn’t necessarily come to mind. The only difference is, when we see the VHS symbol, it’s always a go. That’s just a no-brainer.



VHS_logoThe Absolute Classic. Man, I love these three little letters.



But like many other symbols that we collectively take for granted, there is a history behind the standard VHS logo, and thanks to a brief article on FontsinUse.com, we’re able to collect a little more information on the origins of this most prevalent symbol that represents our most beloved piece of media.




Give a whole new company identity? Yeah, how about a whole new movement identity. Leo rules, man.



Leo Weisz, the man who created the typeface called “Lee” which was used for the iconic VHS logo, is still around and kickin', Tapeheads. It's said he, " over 100 years old now, still paints, and even has a Facebook page.” What an awesome person. Unfortunately, Leo passed away on September 21st, 2014 at the age 0f 103. Not too shabby, though, eh, Tapeheads?! You can read his obituary here. You can read more about the VHS logo and some of its history here in the original article from FontsinUse.com, Videvores!

Groove and Groove and Never Stop Stacking that Analog Knowledge.







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