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LAZER PALADIN VIDEO Pulls the Strings On a Limited Edition VHS Release for the Dustin Mills' Insanity-Soaked Trashterpiece THE PUPPET MONSTER MASSACRE!

The amped-up analog aficionados over at Lazer Paladin Video have already wowed Videovores with their super-rad package for the Eamon Hardiman splatterpiece PORKCHOP 3D, stuffing their limited video release with groovy 3D glasses, art prints, pins and committing the analog insanity to orange cassettes. They’ve kept up the magnetic momentum and much to LUNCHMEAT’S delight, they’re back once again ready to send fringe film fiends into a frenzy with the utterly outrageous Dustin Mills puppetry-infested mind-melter THE PUPPET MONSTER MASSACRE! LPV is just about set to unleash these slabs of video vindication in three – count ‘em three! – distinctly limited editions all of which are loaded with extras and incentives that are almost as outrageous as the film itself. Hold on to your VCRs, tapeheads, and get ready for some hand-up-the-ass insano analog magic courtesy of LPV!

The poster for THE PUPPET MONSTER MASSACRE. Tanks, bunnies, penguins... You know... the usual.

How did you get hooked up with Dustin and PMM? I met Dustin Mills through PORKCHOP director Eamon Hardiman. They have done some collaboration together in the past, and word got to me that Dustin was interested in doing a release on VHS. Eamon had always told me that he thought Dustin's films were amazing, and so I was ready to release it sight unseen. When I finally saw the film I was kind of blown away. It really is so much more than even the title would lead you to believe. PMM is exactly the kind of film I want to release.

A puppet head-split?! YES, PLEASE? And that ain't all, folks! Clickity-click the ooey-gooey for the full trailer, or just click here, mang.

Can you give us some specs on the releases? There are three different versions, right? Like I said, the film is packed with so many awesome characters and ideas beyond what the title would have you to believe. PMM is a MEET THE FEEBLES, nazisploitation, slasher, creature-feature hybrid, so I found it impossible to settle on just one angle in terms of packaging and extras. The decision to have 3 different versions, each limited to just 10 copies (30 copies total), was really designed to encourage tape trading and give collectors something to dig for. There will be 3 different editions each with a different cover and extras:

A do-it-yourself Nazi party hat? Offensive, man. Wait, no... that should read Of-FUN-sive. Goggles and gloves not included!

The "Puppet Reich" Edition - Limited to 10 (5 featuring Dr. Wagner, and 5 Featuring the puppet nazi soldiers), on black stock, with a red insert featuring nazisploitation-influenced flavor text. This edition will also include a do-it-yourself "Nazi Party" hat as worn by Dr. Wagner's troops in the film and an LPV button unique to this edition. Signed and numbered by Director Dustin Mills.

This looks like a fun one. That tube sock is new, right?

The "Puppet Porn" Edition - Limited to 10 (5 on white stock, 5 black), dedicated to the PMM's sexiest character, Mona, and designed in the vein of an old-school adult film. This edition includes an 11x17 centerfold of Mona (signed by voice actress Erica Kisseberth), a tube sock (for making your own sock puppet… or whatever else you want to do with it), and an LPV button unique to this edition. Signed and numbered by Director Dustin Mills.

Dig that helmet, man. I'm totally wearing mine while I watch this bad boy. Also, I'll have a nerf machine gun. DATDATDATDATDATDAT!

The "Punch Hitler in the Dick" Edition - Limited to 10 (8 Copies on green stock and 2 on camo… hand painted camo… because they don't make camo VHS tapes), featuring a cheap-ass plastic LPV army helmet, a dog tag, and an LPV button unique to this edition. This edition is dedicated to the unsung hero of WWII, Gramps… my favorite character in the film. Signed and numbered by Dustin Mills. And all versions will also include an 11x17 poster of the original PMM cover art by Billy Tackett! Our initial plan was to sell these as one per customer and ship them at random. Since we announced them, however, people have been blowing up the LPV page asking to order one of each. Being an obsessive collector myself, I completely understand the need to have all versions of a film (I have 23 versions of Fulci's ZOMBIE). Dustin has some amazingly dedicated and passionate fans, so we want to make sure that they are happy. We still haven't totally locked down exactly how the sale is going to go down, but at present (and this may change) the plan is to ship individual orders at random unless someone wants to order the whole set. I'm also going to go out of my way to weed out anyone who plans on jacking up the price and reselling it. The idea isn't to make it hard for people to get a copy, I'd love to see people swapping with other collectors to get the version they want. Where can we pick up these slabs o' analog awesome?! The sale will take place on the LPV Facebook page. We'll post the exact date and time of the sale a week before, so everyone has time to plan for it. We have stopped fooling around with the whole pre-order thing. It took me so long to get the VAMPIRE WHORES tapes out after the pre-order that from now on we don't put them up for sale until they are ready to ship! Also make sure to check out Lazer Paladin's Blog to keep up with us!

And just for funzo, here's some puppet ta-tas from the flick. DIG IT.

What's next for LPV?! As soon as this title ships, we're going straight to work on Chuck Conry's crazy slasher film MoRbid! Chuck is my partner in LPV and so we're pulling out all the stops for that release. We had actually planned on marketing his film as "The first VHS-only release in 15 years" as Troma did with their latest VHS release, but Chuck's movie got snatched up for distribution on other formats immediately and ruined those plans. After MoRbid, we're releasing The Renfields' short film called CHRISTMAS BREAK AT CRYSTAL LAKE, along with a ton of other Renfields-related odds and ends. It's the closest thing to a mix-tape that we've ever done. We have 3 other releases lined up, 2 of which are amongst my personal favorite indie horror films from the 90s. We're going to wait a little bit longer before we announce them, but keep checking back with us…

Oh, man, we totally will! Sounds like LPV’s got some groovy goodies coming our way real soon, tapeheads, so be sure to groove on over to their blog and Facebook page, and make sure you can get yer claws on at least one of their super-deluxe dishes before they’re all gobbled up! This is one flick you’re gonna have see to believe… and what better way than through the magnetic magic of your VCR? THERE IS NO BETTER MAGIC!


Josh Schafer

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