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Japanese Releasing Label High Burn Video Unleashes Some Fresh VHS with an Analog Edition of Cult Splatterpiece 555! You Gotta NTSC It to Believe It!

The Tapeheads that are regularly tuned in to this analog obsessed slice of internet are no VHStranger to the multitude of fresh magnetic magic creations that are steadily stacking up next to contemporary Videovore’s VCRs. The vast majority of the fresh VHS incarnations are re-animated here in the States, but of course there are a few analog exceptions to that re-animated rewind rule with titles like A Gun for George from Australian label Celluloid Apocalypse and the radical Uruguayan splatter comedy Achuras 2 getting the analog treatment; and now, Japan-based releasing company High Burn Video is unleashing an analog edition for the much revered and rewound SOV splatterpiece 555! Feast your eyes below, mang!


Now that's some seriously killer Japanese NTSC gory analog glory! TOO GROOVY, MANG.

Yessir, I’m sure the voracious video junkies here in the US will be slavering for this beautiful slice of re-animated analog glory, but keep in mind this edition was put together expressly for Japan, so it might not be so easy to attain here in the States. However, this fantastic edition is live and for sale on the website Mondo Grotessco, but you’ll have to add it to your cart and groove through the checkout process in a completely different language if you want to stick this slice of Japanese NTSC analog glory in your VCR. But, after another virtual traverse through the world weird web, I also found High Burn’s Official Storenvy and it looks like you're able to grab it without deciphering another language! Dig that! Remember: it ships from Japan, man! This totally rules as it’s always killer to see some rewind re-animation happen in other tape lovin’ parts of the world. You know we can dig it!


High Burn Video's totally retrofied logo! Dig that super-duper shield effect, mang.

Be sure to check out High Burn Video’s Official site, and give ‘em some love on their Official Facebook to stay updated on any future analog editions they might cook up.

Groove and Groove and Don't Get Caught Messing Around, man!

Josh Schafer

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