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The Lunchmeat HQ received a most delightful email a few days ago from a fellow Videovore named Matt O'Neill telling us all about his new company which recently launched on Halloween of 2011: - Based in Australia, Matt is planning to show some love for his favorite horror flicks by creating high-quality, fully-licensed, one-of-a-kind shirt designs and releasing them in - get this - a full color clamshell VHS box! Dig it! His first entry in the line is none other than the 1978 Aussie classic Patrick! I had the pleasure of asking Matt a few questions about what is all about....

LM: How did begin? MO: I'm a graphic designer, and I had to leave a super job due to health reasons. While at home, I looked at the possibility of doing some T-shirt designs for a Horror T-shirt company, when a family member pointed out that I should just give it a go myself. I wanted it to be different, though. Fright Rags is a big inspiration, and I wanted to move away from what they are doing, because I wouldn’t have a chance of competing against them. They have some of the most respected horror artists in the business doing work for them; I just have me. So I had to think of a way to market the product that would appeal to a niche market -- something I was invested in, and have a passion for. LM: You released the shirt in a VHS box, which is too cool. What inspired you to do this? MO: I wanted to bring back that feeling you got from purchasing a VHS back in the day. There is no room for cover art now; it’s a dying, if not dead art. Box cover art has been substituted for a thumbnail JPEG in the corner of the screen. Posters have been replaced by flash promos on websites. I wanted to combine the two lost arts. Since there are not too many video companies producing this type of work, I thought I would start my own. The beauty of a T-shirt is that you can’t download it! LM: What does the future hold for Got any plans for a House t-shirt?! MO: I'm not a big fan of medical dramas, so no.... Oh, wait… you mean the horror flick! Yes, well we will have to see… it is a favourite. Right now I’m working on a few licensing deals. Some films are easier to sort out than others. In fact, in some cases finding, out which company owns what is the hardest part! But the response has been great, and I have some cool films that will be celebrated on these T-shirts in the near future!

This run of Patrick shirts is limited to 200 pieces and will run you about 35USD. Be sure to pop on over to to pre-order yours before they're all gobbled up! I already ordered mine, though, so there's really only 199! Groove it on over!

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